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What's with all the butthurt Bangladeshis?

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4 minutes ago, Tillu said:


Educated guess with how you generally write your messages.

 Message me by guessin my username there…im curious haha

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Just now, Tillu said:

Everybody on ICF who follows PP must have guessed it. It's easy to guess your tone and writing.

lol i didnt use one bad word there:phehe:

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7 hours ago, Frustrated said:

20 days ago, BhaagViru on PeePee had posted that India won't win any ICC title till Panauti Modi is the PM.   Someone has posted a screenshot of that post (on Modi) last night and tagged him.  But that a**hole BhaagViru is nowhere to be seen.  :phehe:


Ha ha ha ha... that forum is in a meltdown mode. First their team couldn't even get to Super 8s after their customary hammering at the hands of India. And then they had to see India win the cup while remaining unbeaten :isalute:


Some of them really need some help :laugh:

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On 7/3/2024 at 6:43 AM, Zero_Unit said:

People forgets that wtv happens in cricket or any other sports =/= relationship between two countries. Some takes it as literally.
From my understanding, relationship between IND/BD as a country is much better than relationship between PAK/BD. This isn't muslim brother brother bs, they geniuenly have a bad relationship with PAK as a country. 

Also, this is not a secret, have you seen some of your fellow IND members from india and that are living abord treat and look down at BD people. I had the pleasure of making some close friends from both BD/PAK/SL, all 3 nationality has a common saying, Indians looks at us as we are some kind of peasant. Which is true, so hate is given and then given back. 

What happens abroad is irrelevant. You can be holier than thou all you want but your posts make more sense now - all the lahori logic comes from a place of love for your Bangla and pak brothers. Good for you!

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On 7/3/2024 at 9:12 AM, Gollum said:

Kanglu low lives are worse than cockroaches, I get disgusted after merely interacting with them for a couple of minutes. 

kanglu? Who r those :confused:

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On 7/2/2024 at 1:07 AM, R!TTER said:

I don't really consider the Western neighbors as enemy per se, their attitude towards India has also changed in recent years! But Bangladeshs, if there was a team you'd hate more I'd like to see them :hmpf:

Yahi samasya hai ki SHATRUBODH nahi hai jis din ho jayega 50% problems solve ho jayegi.

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