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World championship of legends 2024

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3 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

Bhai.  I wasn't necessarily referring to Pookpassion alone.  I was talking about many other SM platforms incl. FB, reddit & others. 

damn u have a line up :phew:

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2 hours ago, Frustrated said:

As of now, I m little busy as I m planning to sharpen some of my lethal weapons to be used against the pooks & kangladeshis on other forums.   :laugh:

Kangladeshis lmaooo

That name


But that's an insult to kangal dogs. Don't want that filthy nation to be associated with such a powerful beautiful dog.

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9 minutes ago, nitinbwj said:

Absolute blockbuster of a match coming up in 15 mins...


Pakistan Champions vs Australia Champions!!! 

Pak has everyone from Afridi to Misbah to Khatmal, Younus, Shoib Malik, Hafeez..only Waqar and Wasim missing. :phehe:


There was a guy called Major on PP who says SKY is an overrated T20 batsman and he has Misbah as his profile pic. He's the dumbest poster on PP.

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