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15 years and counting since Pakistan's last WC - will they ever win a WC again?

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2 hours ago, deathmonger said:

pak fans are chutia but pak team is pretty nice - too nice in fact, almost like fanboys lol.

If anything, Pak players are more paindu than their fans. 

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3 hours ago, R!TTER said:

No it needs to be pointed out as well, I don't particularly like the Pak team but they haven't been that bad to India post 2k - Afretard or Chuckmal aside who probably had small d**** syndrome! The SL team for me is demonstrably worse in that period even when we helped hem so much with away tours & all, the likes of Sanga/Dilshan/Mahela(?) did that BS to Sehwag & yes SRT as well & yet they get a free pass because they're minnows now?

The current SL team is much more likeable with guys like Pathirana etc. It's intellectual dishonesty to compare that to a country where players are constantly taking shots at India. Post 2000, apart from those 2 names you mention, from the top of my head, Sohail Tanveer said Hindus have bad/cheap mentality, Inzamam recently made tampering allegations, their ex PM paindoo Khan always kept taking crap about India, Ramiz Raja made terrible comments about India when he was chairman and quickly resumed tail wagging for the IPL, Kamran Akmal made a racist comment about Arshdeep and Sikhs, Hasan Ali did a bomb celebration at the border, Haris Rauf had a recent video where he tells a Pakistan fan attacking him that it wasn't India, Waqar Younis said it was great to see Rizwan performing namaz in front of Hindus, Razzaq keeps taking cheap shots at Indian players, Shoaib Akhtar brought in religion and spoke about ghazwa e hind as well in one of his videos....this is from the top of my head....


The "niceness" from Pak players is a sham. This  is their mindset. Add to that Rizwan being a fake pir giving religious sermons and Babar being a selfish unlikeable villager. Wasim Akram and Salman Butt are the only 2 I can think of who are genuine in their praise for India.  Others like Aamir etc are just using India to settle their scores in Pakistan.

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