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What song are you currently listening to ?


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6 hours ago, Mariyam said:

Since its Navratri season.


I've been listening to this on loop.






What have you guys heard this one?  Fans?

Very Amdavadi gujju. Easy on the ear.





Being a 90s kid, almost everything about the 90s is more appealing to me. Doordarshan, Malgudi days, Byomkesh Bakshi, Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan, those  ads by  Rasna , Liril, Cadbury, Javed Jafferi's Cinkara ad.....the list is endlessly


And so I am stuck in a time warp even with garba songs. 


For me Garba is synonymous with the below 2 songs...I don't have a taste for any new artists. Maybe I am missing out on good stuff.


Charar charar can make anyone dance :laugh:


Charar Charar Maru Chakdol Chale 




Dholida Dhol re vagad mare hich levi chhe





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14 hours ago, Lord said:


yeah seen it in reels etc. Catchy number.


What are the lyrics about? 

Reading the captions, seems like something philosophical about finding oneself/soul from deep shallows of the sea (find him o find him). Trying to find some connection to the culture of raas leela/garba or navratri or the celebration of worship of shakti!. Maybe lost in translation, It has some deeper meaning 

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