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The Super Selector Thread

The Super Selector Thread  

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ICF Superselector Winners:: Indian Premier League, 2014 Congratulations to the the winners of the following Superselector: Indian Premier League, 2014 Here are the Indian Premier League, 2014 Superselector Winners and the Prize Payout breakdown:

  • bobbydhillon awarded $ICF 100000000
  • crative awarded $ICF 94285715
  • superX1 awarded $ICF 88571430
  • zakk awarded $ICF 82857145
  • loveguru awarded $ICF 77142860
  • world20 awarded $ICF 71428575
  • wi eng series awarded $ICF 65714290
  • _MS_ awarded $ICF 60000005
  • ipl09 awarded $ICF 54285720
  • sherlock awarded $ICF 48571435
  • sexy awarded $ICF 42857150
  • dlfipl awarded $ICF 37142865
  • Ritu awarded $ICF 31428580
  • ashwin_roche awarded $ICF 25714295
  • Roshanrocks awarded $ICF 20000010

Please note that the $ICF has been automatically added to the winners' accounts. :icflove:

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The way substitutions work. Hence i fail to decide properly which players should be replaced. How many points are lost or gained if we replace high points scorer with low point scorer or vice versa.
A substitution costs 30-40 points.That is announced by whoever makes it. Obviously if you substitute a player X by player Y after 3 games.You wont get benefit of these 3 games's performance by Y.X's points will count till then. That is shown as an adjustment which people get confused about. Its just a set no. of points per substitution(usually 30-40)
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