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THIS IS PUNJAB's YEAR. You read it here first: 2023


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5 hours ago, LordPrabhzy said:

I do hope they finish bottom to last. whole team needs to be sacked apart from KL, Tye and Mujeeb.

With bit of creative thinking they could have been in playoffs. There is absolutely no reason why you would send that match stick ahead of Tiwary, Yuvi,  Ashwin himself. Whoever came up with that idea (i think it is Sehwag) has to be fired. If it is Ashwin he should be fired.

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The highlights of KXIP this year

Ee sala cup namde - How Rahul jinxed Punjab :((

Ashwin arrogant to shere punjabi UV

Ziety Pinta and Sehwag love story

Ashwin pouring sambhar over butter chicken with him coming at one down :hysterical:

Gayle joins Kohli to screw his new team

Picking Axar Dhokla Patel to come in at no.4 when the situation was going smoothly

Not having a team

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