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Asia XI vs Africa XI 2nd ODI highlights - Short one 8 minutes


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http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=5,1,52,701' standby='Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...' type='application/x-oleobject'> http://microsoft.com/windows/mediaplayer/en/download/' id='mediaPlayer' name='mediaPlayer' displaysize='4' autosize='-1' bgcolor='darkblue' showcontrols="true" showtracker='-1' showdisplay='0' showstatusbar='-1' videoborder3d='-1' width="320" height="285" src="http://free-stream.espnstar.com.edgesuite.net/SecondODICloser.wmv" autostart="false" designtimesp='5311' loop="false">
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The video above is courtesy of the espnstar free highlights. Visit http://www.espnstar.com for more details.
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