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Harbhajan Singh - A forgotten Cricketer?

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Dartbhajan’s attitude and behaviour on the last Eng tour was embarrassing and disgusting. Claimed to have an injury in one of the tests which meant he was unable to bowl and India were a bowler down yet when batting he was swinging the bat like it was the IPL final which showed his true character. Recalling him now would be lunacy as should be building for the future and not recycling has-beens though Dhoni does have his Long Rope Club.
+1 and it's better to try the likes of Rasool or Nadeem in the near future rather than moving backwards and bringing back Harbhahan his record in the major tournaments was disappointing as it is and was ordinary in other games as well.
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Better than Ashwin in LOIs but he stay miles away from Test cricket. If replacing Ashwin is what the OP is trying to convey then B.Aparjith is the guy to look forward to. Had some brilliant all round figured this year.
Baba had great figures as batsman, and even that fell away in the later stages on the Ranjis. As a bowler, he was pretty poor. In LOIs, he has a good record with the ball and a decent one with the bat. Baba appears to be a batting allrounder in List A, and a part-time bowler in FC.
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100+ tests, more than 250 ODIs+T20Is, multiple WCs. Loved/adored by Indians. Protected by BCCI and defended by our fans despite (blatant) chucking, despite 2008 Monkeygate scandal. Yet....what a letdown!!! Bhindranwale was no ordinary offender, he waged war against our nation, so many of our brave army personnel sacrificed their lives bringing him down. 


Even though it was done in individual capacity where does one draw the line? Should BCCI take action? Otherwise where does this stop? Some Kashmiri player in the future may start eulogizing Burhan Wani or Afzal Guru.....


How would other countries deal with such a situation? Can an  NBA player or active US Olympian get away with hailing Osama? Or an EPL footballer/ECB contracted cricketer doing the same with 7/7 bombers? My guess is Harbhajan will continue being involved with BCCI, IPL etc. Extremely short memory we as a nation have, simple example being how Americans will never forget 9/11 but today so many Indians have never heard of Kanishka bombing. 

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Wow! How pathetic to hail a terrorist. Never knew the guy was a secessionist and a Khalistani at heart.


Definitely calls for an immediate action. Kick him out of IPL straightaway and ban him for life. Anyone who mocks the sovereign or sides with those who want to uproot it, deserves no respect and should not be seen as representing the national side. 

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