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Modi sarkar economic reforms/governance performance thread

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This news is a bit old(May), but it didn't seem to be posted in this thread.


UP, MP, and Gujarat have announced labour reforms at the state level






meanwhile Karnataka has announced land reforms


I wouldn't expect any nation-wide reforms in these areas unless/until NDA gets Rajya Sabha majority itself. They are approaching that slowly, but who knows if they will reach it anytime soon. By the end of this month(iirc), BJP by itself should have comfortably over 90 themselves.  

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On 10/1/2020 at 4:43 PM, diga said:



Another indicator that economic activity is picking up .. 

Cargo vessel loading has also improved though it's not upto the level pre covid.


The MT which was getting loaded in 3 days was requiring upto 10 days. It's recovering now.

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On 9/18/2020 at 10:51 AM, Trichromatic said:

Biggest news during this phase just remained to one post on ICF and hardly drew any attention.


People are just happy that BJP is in power and keeping muslims in check. If Congress or some other party was in power, muslims would have taken over India by now. Small price to pay for the freedom to practise your religion.

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Posting it here as I am too lazy to make a separate thread.. 





The Tamil Nadu Government has said that the conversion rate of MoUs with investors into actual projects during the last 10 years has been about 82.4 per cent.

The conversion rate of 98 MoUs signed during Global Investors Meet (GIM) 2015 was 72 per cent, while that of 304 MoUs signed during GIM 2019 was 89 per cent.

The conversion rate refers to projects that have commenced commercial production or are at various stages of implementation (such as purchase of land, application for clearances or trial production) as a percentage of the total number of MoU projects, said the State Industries Department. It refuted reports that only 9.4 per cent of the investment proposals in the state were actually converted to projects in the past 10 years.


Thats a very good hit rate over last 10 years... :two_thumbs_up:

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