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Speeds and Performances of Pacers and Spinners

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Umesh Yadav is quicker than any of your non veggie trundlers like Junaid and Bilawal Tatti. :cantstop:
Yeah but Umesh and Aaron are beaf eaters imo..panther has got a point not any grey matter upthere for that mater ..but he has a point there.. basically pakis of those kind need to somehow believe that they are superior to Indians..listen to Zahid Hamid..they live in a very dangerous world where everyone in the world is scheming against them and waiting to wage a war on them, funny people.
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dude but do you realize that protein can be consumed from several sources of food.. whey,casein,egg,chicken all these are richer than mutton and beef. Thats one of the reasons why Indian wrestlers,boxers,atheletes usually beat the daylights out of pakistani ones in common wealth etc..similar training but more physical ability.
Weak pakistani punjabies can't compete with India diversity, NO money, crap facilities, poor training lack of investment.
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Weak pakistani punjabies can't compete with India diversity' date=' NO money, crap facilities, poor training lack of investment.[/quote'] Oh Indians beat Iranians, and caucus Muslims as well...in those sports.. :winky: And the 'Weak' Punjabis are owning the Pasthun **** as we speak now in North Waziristan..albeit not in sport but in real life.. :--D
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why is this guy pather still on this site? and just how stupid are the indian posters to keep replying to him? Look i dont want every thread to be derailed. By all means create a section for trolls can express their opinions but its nearly every thread with this guy. Mods i want some action.

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