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Speeds and Performances of Pacers and Spinners

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I would not have rested ishant for this match this is the imp one' date='if we win this then its all over for eng.[/quote'] Bowlers need to be rotated sequentially. Especially when we are playing only 3 frontline fastbowlers. we can't afford a player playing with an injury, it is highly risky. Even i am worried about bhuvi, he don't look like the same bowler who had taken 6 wickets in the 1st innings at lords. He should be rested in the next test, if we are going for 6 specialist batsmen+dhoni. Bowling 47 overs at lords had taken life out of him.
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Aaron in for Binny for 2nd match would be good. Will add pace to the attack. Shami becoming a trundler, not fit enough.
i would have preferred Aaron to Pankaj Singh as Varun has genuine Pace and can play the role of enforcer and get wickets ..Pankaj is looking managable by english batsman.
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