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Speeds and Performances of Pacers and Spinners

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Last time at lords ishant sharma did bowled a great spell in the second innings. I still remember 'that snorter' to pietersen. He almost ran through a strong english batting lineup. The pitch was similar to this one with the odd one bouncing out of no where. If he could produce something similar to that in this tricky pitch., otherwise we have no hope. Although to expect something frm ishant is futile but still :pray:

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This pitch is suddenly responding more to hit the deck bowling , especially due to uneven bounce and ball rearing up from length. It would be nice if we had atleast one good quality ,quick , hit the deck bowler.
Ishant is supposed to be that guy being tall but that idiot does nothing
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Punjabies can't own anything apart from haleem' date=' These punjabies can't do **** on the ground, there f-16 are doing everything you really thnk punjab army can beat pushtuns in a guerilla warfare when we beat much superior soviet/nato attempts.[/quote'] Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Hindus of the bombay presidency armies and bengal presidency armies say hello. neither the soviets, nor the Americans went to afghanistan with the intent to conquer and stay. They went there to help set up their puppets and you outlasted them. But if you really are knowledgable, you should know that every single time an Indian, Iranian or Turki has come to stay in Afghanistan, you Pushtuns have been crushed and bent your knee to these overlords. Your people had just two kings in the last 2000 years who was a pathan and not bowing to someone his superior : Mirwais khan and Ahmed Shah Abdali. And even your pyaare Ahmed Shah Abdali dur-e-durrani was a errand-boy for nader shah and bent his knee to nader when nader was alive. Every dog has its day though and you had yours. For now, as usual, you can create a whole bunch of tamaasha and insurgency but you still bend your knee to the greater powers from India...aka Punjabis (for now). You lot are not a lot of proud rich history of warrior kings and independence like the Rajputs or the Uzbeks or iranians, you lot are not warriors, you lot are historically highway robber bands camping out the Khyber, bolan and golan passes, launching hit and run tactics on kabul and then running away. If i were a pashtun, i would not appeal to history to prove a rich and high accomplishing track record in warfare, self rule or independence. You guys are historically just a bunch of robber tribes caught in the middle.
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its all about movement whether at high pace or low pace. Philander also bowled line and length against SL' date=' didnt get a wicket. BK too bowled line and length in India didnt get many wickets.[/quote'] It's not just about length for bowler, the line is also a key factor for pace bowlers. One needs to have control over both and thats what Bhuv did so well. He has proved many wrong who were harping about pace is everything.
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It's not just about length for bowler' date=' the line is also a key factor for pace bowlers. One needs to have control over both and thats what Bhuv did so well. He has proved many wrong who were harping about pace is everything.[/quote'] No one harps about pace is everything. pace is an added advantage. its about movement. Line and length is good but if there is no movement, you wont be successful. Ishant bowled very similar line and length as BK but was ineffective because he didnt get the movement BK got. Thing is if you can do what BK did at higher pace, you can be successful in all conditions, likes of Steyn, Marshal, Hadlee, Donald, Wasim, Waqar are great examples of that.
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Bhuvi proving its all about line and length than about pace which fetches more wickets.
Bhuvi got wickets because he combined movement with line and length. Problem is, in most conditions, the ball does not move with any consistency. It happens only in most venues in England and a few other venues. That is when pace and / or bounce is required combined with control. If someone combines everything, like a Steyn, he becomes unplayable. Almost all pace bowlers in test matches with over 200 wickets and average of 26 or less have had either pace or steep bounce. There must be some reason. What do you think that is ?
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Shami pace up today lots of 140 balls...he also bowled the quickest delivery from both teams in this game a 149k.
That is good. Shami's forte is movement at pace. I hope he does this more consistently. I think this 149 k is is fastest I have seen/ heard him bowl. Previous quickest was 148 k. Were there other 142 k and 145 k + deliveries ?
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