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express bowling

Speeds and Performances of Pacers and Spinners

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18 hours ago, Suhaan said:

Brett Lee and Akhtar both played 76 and 46  tests ,so they also had an injury hitten career

Akhtar remained mostly injured,they both could hit express pace but it had its own price

Today most bowlers have n number of opportunities to earn as much as they can ,so dont want to expose their bodies to rigours of express bowling

Thats why Shoaib, Lee and Thompson are special. 

I feel, if you have it then you flaunt it. I dont think there is any bowler in the world today who can naturally bowl in excess of 155 at will. 

This is an interesting perspective that bowlers today want to conserve in order for a longer career. But even pre Shoaib, we didnt have out and out 155+ bowlers. I would like to believe Waqar could hit those speeds, but logic tells me he was mostly 145-152/153 bowler.


I feel Akhtar and Lee were anomalies. 

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