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Capital One Cup 201-15


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Who needs Costa :hysterical::hysterical:
It was against a League 2 team and yet we struggled. Happy to go through but a big fan of Shurrle yet he continues to piss people off sometimes. Needless shots when there is support. Could have scored 4 yesterday if Schurrle hadn't dropped that World Cup on his head. Less said about Salah the better. Ake will be an awesome player with Andre, Brown should have played too. Perfect chance to play these guys. It was Mourinho's brilliant sub that saved us in the end.
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Don't worry about this cup no team takes it seriously and it's better if we find balance here but just look at team it's full of youngsters and out of form players and even defence was make shift with only Cahill first choice About shurrler he will take few games but he already has done ok for us in big games like goal vs city he will take time but once fully fit and in form we will be at our strongest :nice:

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