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New shows coming up on Netflix - Link


Marseille — Friday, May 5, 2016 

A tale of power, corruption and redemption, Marseille — Netflix’s first French language original series — stars Gérard Depardieu as Robert Taro, the city’s mayor for the last twenty years. As the municipal elections approach, Taro prepares his last coup: push through the vote for the construction of a casino in the historic center of the Marina. His successor, Lucas Barrès (Benoît Magimel), is already designated, but the his all-consuming ambition and the secret interests of the city’s leaders impede the mayor’s plans, so the race for mayor becomes a power struggle where no holds are barred

 Marseille sounds like a good show! Also waiting for next seasons of Narcos, Marco Polo, American Odyssey, Daredevil, etc. 


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There is an old series called Forensic Files which is available on Netflix .... The series deals with how real criminals were caught using Forensics. Some of the episodes show the worst examples of humanity and the fact that many of the crimes are committed by those close to the victims 


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Narcos has another season? I thought it ended with Escobar's end.

How Escobar is located and killed after he escape from the prison should be interesting as well. He asked his family to go to Germany but once his family landed at the airport in Germsny, they were turned back. This made Escobar crazy and forced him to make mistakes. He was afraid that Los Pepes would eventually kill his family.

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