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Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

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9 hours ago, Temujin Khaghan said:

I will laugh when we win a series in australia...


we cannot laugh at people who fell into a ditch in broad daylight.... just like we did earlier!!!


sorry but honest comments..

Why cant we laugh at people who fell into a ditch just because we fell into a ditch? It may not be funny when it happens to us, but it's certainly funny when it happens to Padosis.

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A lot of my respect for this group of Pakistanis disappeared quickly today. Never thought they were supremely talented, but thought they were fighters. This series could have been a parting gift to Misbah, who has fought against so much to stabilize Pakistan. 


hopefully they will be able to put up a fight for 5 days next game.

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I went to the green forum for some fun and I advise everyone to do so. Some of the threads/posts there are hilarious such as "Yasir Shah better than Ashwin" or "Shafiq/Azhar better than Kohli", "Younis Khan an ATG", "Amir the best pace bowler of his generation", "Babar Azam more talented than Tendulkar/Kohli" and so on. The delusion and hilarity over there is seen to be believed. It almost feels as if it's a parody site like "The Onion" but then you realize folks out there are actually serious and you simply end up doubling over with laughter :cantstop:

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