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Why only 15?

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On one side we have FIFA world cup where teams play for 90 or max 120 minutes. And teams will play a maximum of 7 games.  Every team is allowed to pick a 23 players squad. Alright, everything good. 



On the other side, we have our kirket world cup where teams sweat it out for 7-8 hours in the field and they play a min of 9 games . And ICC allows only 15 players for the squad. :facepalm: I mean what the ****?  

There will be injuries , fatigue (both mental and physical) and other issues for such a long tournament.  15 players is just way too less. Having a larger squad size allows teams to have players of higher quality in each department and in turn that increases the quality of the tournament. Smaller squads means more bits and pieces low quality hacks. 

IMO , optimum squad size for the WC should be 18.  What do you fellas think? 

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