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.BCCI and Indian cricket: Conflict of Interest.

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Just read the news that indian team won't play any warmups prior to T20 world cup which was a trigger for the thread. Can you imagine aussies or saffers ever doing the same thing - go into an important tourney without playing even one single warm-up and without getting acclimatized to the pitches where the tourney is being held? We suffered the same fate in 2009 T20 world cup when Sehwag & Zaheer were injured during IPL and still picked for the tourney and we are repeating the same mistakes again. To me it seems BCCI can be least bothered about indian team's performance and that brings into question the conflict of interest at BCCI related to indian cricket. I mean what do you expect when custodians of indian cricket (ppl like Srinivasan and Shashank Manohar of BCCI) themselves are busy raking in money from IPL and give two hoots about the national team. This is a clear case of conflict of interest pure and simple. When key BCCI members such as Srinivasan (owner of CSK) and Shashank Manohar are key stakeholders in IPL and our chief selector (Srikanth) is brand ambassador for CSK you know where their priorities lie. They are least bothered about the performance of the national team and only care about their profits from IPL. Sometimes I really wish I were an Australian supporter - at least you would know that your board (Cricket Australia) and selectors would do whatever they can to ensure their team succeeds :( ....

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WTF?????? You just read we aren't going to be playing any warm-up's prior to the T20 WC Do you own a time machine?
00aklu is having a field day at the office, dawg :giggle:
:hysterical: :hysterical: Have you read the article? Do you know how old it is? :hehe:
I'm talking about the summary of his post- "BCCI is too busy making money to care about Indian cricket". How smart of you to interpret it the way you did, anna :cheer:

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