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    Around October 2006, e-mailing each other over autumn weekends, we were a malcontented bunch. We knew we wanted a place of our own, a place where we could post with abandon and without fear of censure, and yet didn't know exactly how to go about it.

    As a band of almost fanatical Indian supporters, cricket excited us of course, but it was a lot more than that. As a community, we often bounced problems off each other, exchanged brainteasers on math and science, wrote unashamedly unofficial reviews of movies, books and art, floated the odd cuisine and a whole lot of gossip.

    To cut a long story short, we wanted our very own community.

    Luckily our small group included some bright individuals who brought a wealth of knowledge to this kind of undertaking, could fix us up with a dedicated server, and had the technical know how to run a site such as the one we craved for.

    We rummaged frantically into our address books, and dug up the names of as many cricket co-religionists that we could find. We needed punters for what we had in mind.

    On the 23rd of October, 2006, we were up and running. The days of communicating by e-mail were behind us.


    From a site with only 9 start up posters, this has now mushroomed into a 3000+ member site that buzzes through all hours of the day and night. En route, we have survived three changes in software and one hacking attempt.


    We tried to live up to the ideology that we always dreamt of in the days when we did not have an address- to allow free and fair expression to all posters, irrespective of their calling, to keep moderation to a minimum, and to create a maelstrom of cricket, sport, science, math, medicine, movies and literature, where anybody who wanted to talk just about anything would find his niche.


    And thus was Indiancricketfans born.


    Written by Dhondy (June 2007)

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