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  1. I think for some of them, the feeling was that the selectors were not honest. They should be able to tell a guy why he is being dropped and what they would need to do to be considered again. Or if appropriate tell him that his time with India is done because the team is going with someone younger. Communication needs to be direct, yet respectful. Rayudu has a legitimate complaint. He should have been in that World Cup squad. They put their faith in him , then panicked and didn’t even tell the guy why they changed direction at the last minute. And Yuvraj should have been told thank you very much, but your days in the Indian team are done. They shouldn’t have told him to work his ass off to pass the yo yo test and he would have a chance. Just saying, our selectors need to do a much better job with talking to a player who spent a life time in the sport and made it to the highest level.
  2. No contest. With Victor Trumper, that pre 70 team wins this.
  3. With Shakoor Rana and Khizr Hayat- OP’s original line up was the best batting line up of all time. The same 2 all stars combined with Imran and Sarfraz to make them the best bowling line up of all time. In short, with these heroes created a winning combination, the likes of which won’t be seen again.
  4. Vengsarkar and TN players don’t go well together. When their paths cross, something happens. Back when he was a player, I remember when TA Sekhar got a game against Pakistan. Sekhar bowled really well but Vengsarkar dropped catches in the slips. Sekhar didn’t last too long. Also during the time Vengsarkar played there was a player by the name of TE Srinivasan. Decent player who didn’t get many chances. Vengsarkar, on the other hand,took several years before his career got going. Now, this episode, where Vengsarkar’s career as a selector supposedly ends because he backs Badrinath- another TN player.
  5. A good national side should beat any world XI. The world XI wouldn’t have played together and the team would not be as motivated. Australia wins Having said that, a Gary Sobers led World XI did beat Australia in 1971-72. So, there are exceptions.
  6. IPL sides make mistakes too. Point is I don’t think Harbhajan’s question is a bad one. Forget Jalaj for a moment, we have broken up the Kulcha combo for similar reasons. Not sure if we achieved the right trade offs
  7. Women are in a different situation than men, in that it is only recently that players had access to good facilities, decent pay etc. Also, it is pretty recent that girls have been encouraged to take up cricket.Despite that, they have played well enough to get to SFs or Fs. But overall, they have more catching up to do before they can consistently beat an England or Australia on a regular basis. They have more depth, they are better prepared. Wondering whether women would benefit from outside coaching for now. I think our players and coaches would gain from this.
  8. He does have a point in that we sometimes prioritize guys who can bowl and bat a bit at the expense of guys who are basically better wicket takers who can’t bat much. In a t20 scenario, you would rarely see a Sundar coming out to bat. Then, if we evaluate him purely as a bowler- is he really a better wicket taker than Jalaj Saxena?
  9. Yeah, it’s massive. Check the score. You were never in the game.
  10. Didn’t cricketers get more breaks back then? Now, at least for players who participate in all 3 formats- it seems like they are playing all year.
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