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  1. 20L remained in the budget, and Ambani had the tough decision of using that to go for Jason or Arjun. He kept his cool and went for Arjun. Jason came thru okay, though. He was selected as net batsman.
  2. I understand your point. But think of it this way, both sides dealt with the same conditions. One side figured it out, another didn’t. If England scored close to 300 in both innings, the game would have gone to a 5th day. Besides, with the pitch crumbling early, the edge from winning the toss was reduced. Compare that with the pitch in the first game. England really benefited from winning the toss by having much better conditions to bat on. But we don’t complain about that. We just say bravo Joe Root and move on.
  3. If India was playing in England, they obviously won’t say let’s be good hosts, we want Axar and Ashwin to have a ball. The variety of conditions provides different tests to players and that’s what makes the game fun. Even on the so called bad pitch- Rohit found a way to score big. India scored around 300 in both innings. So was the pitch a bust because the Brits couldn’t come up with answers? And knowing that, why wouldn’t India take advantage of that again? The variety of conditions around the world is what makes the game fun. The sad alternative would be to standardize everything. Would we f
  4. Sachin was tired of giving Arjun his pocket money. So Arjun will get it from Ambani instead. I think he gets picked up at the Rs 20 lakh base price.
  5. Rohit ensured that India got a big total and then Ashwin made sure that it remained out of reach. Ideally both should share. But I am not too bothered about this. Typically, all things being equal, batting contributions are more highly valued. Good to see a bowler get his due. Although, if Ashwin didn’t score that 100- Rohit’s 161 would have edged out Ashwin’s 8 wickets for MOM
  6. Yes, it was the end of the day’s play and he engaged the guy as they were walking off. That isn’t a chase. Now if the guy ran for dear life and hid in his room, with Kohli in hot pursuit saying baahar aajaa bc.. that would be a chase.
  7. Agree to disagree with you on that one. Separately, umpires have heard protests against their calls before. They can handle it.
  8. Kings don’t run to get a hug from Preity Zinta as a reward for winning a game. This is something that kids do. Preity’s kids is the correct name.
  9. Dang, are we into extremes. Human error is part of the game. Arguments are part of the game. The umpiring panel got a lot right. They are pretty new to international umpiring too. No way is this equivalent to the stuff Bucknor pulled.
  10. Or, it might make the umpires more alert in the effort to get it right. Just depends. Also, it’s not like Kohli has changed all of a sudden. He has always needed to be in aggressive mode in order to give himself the edge he needs to be successful. To expect the guy to become a quiet reserved Rahane would be as unreasonable as expecting Rahane to be confrontational. Rahane might take the position of not pressuring the umpires at all. Other stuff like picking Nadeem, I see your point. But even there, I bet if Rahane becomes the new captain, after the newness wears off we’ll see argumen
  11. It’s not a question of admiration. It’s an issue of accepting different personalities. He expressed a strong opinion on the call. That isn’t enough of a reason to take the extreme step of preventing a player from displaying his skill set. Or for that matter depriving a fan from enjoying a contest between the best that countries can put together. Now you may not like the guy as a person. Fair enough. Don’t let him baby sit your kids. But we don’t have to deal with him at that level. We just get to watch what he has to offer as a player.
  12. Rename again. Call them Preity’s kids
  13. Big deal- so the guy got hyped in a game and fell afoul of a silly rule book. I don’t want some sissy bureaucrats to prevent me from watching the best players perform their craft and give it all they got. I know Rahane is a goody goody boy. There is room for both.
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