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  1. He will learn from this. Next time around he will be more assertive and less dependent on the captain or the wicketkeeper. He will plot his own strategy and have confidence in his ability to pull it off.
  2. Before he found this board, he would express himself and his mama said, “Shush. Go to your room.” He goes to school and talks and the teacher said, “ Go sit in the corner”. Then he found the ICF and said, “at last”. He got the attention he craved..
  3. Not this year. “Slow”Rahul has a SR of 136 versus “fast” Warner’s 110. And Rahul has a lot more runs too.
  4. Exactly. He is not only the anchor. He has brains. He doesn’t buy into some new wave philosophy of feeling forced to swing away from ball one. He evaluates. He ensures security for his team first and then gets aggressive when appropriate. If Punjab had a more reliable batting line up, he would have been willing to take more chances earlier in his innings. Now, if he can just get more consistent when he plays for India. He either has a string of good scores or he can go thru a horrible period where he has a long string of single digit dismissals.
  5. Well what did the big strike rate people do? KKR’s best performers have been Rana and Tripathi ( top order). Really, what have the big3 - Morgan, Karthik and to some extent Russell accomplished? For the most part they have been swinging and getting out with tailender type results. Also, who stopped Morgan from shuffling the batting order to shake things up? Looking at the coach’s table where some number cruncher shows “54” doesn’t cut it. These guys are a bunch of cowards who will take it out on Gill- who is still trying to figure out his game, while the believer of this system and other big t
  6. SRH waste Kane Williamson. He can score fast without appearing aggressive. But he is one of those guys who picks up the pace as his inning progresses. So, he should either open or worst case come in at no. 3. But instead they have Pandey come in before him. Pandey must have blackmail material on Warner/ team management.
  7. kirkutfan

    Gaikwad v Shaw

    Have to give credit to CSK for staying with Gaikwad when he was going thru the lean patch. He doesn’t have raw power but he is able to score fast with well timed stroke play. It sounds crazy, but it would be great if CSK got Kane Williamson in the next auction and have him open the innings with Gaikwad. Gaikwad would learn a lot from a player like that. Good to see Shaw working his way back into form. Gill seems confused. Playing for Morgan doesn’t help. But I hope he can salvage what is left of this tournament. Awesome player to watch when he gets going.
  8. They will never drop Kohli and AB. Chahal v Maxwell. I know Maxwell is doing okay now. But the guy was a bust for years. RCB should take its chances and hold on to Chahal.
  9. The first 3 in KKR’s batting order- Gill, Tripathi, Rana - at least make an effort. Just need them to turn some of these cameos to big scores. But, so far, the big stars in that line up- Morgan, Karthik, Russell, Shakib- have seriously underperformed. Also, some of Morgan’s decisions on the field are strange. Like taking off Varun Chakravarty after the over in which he took early wickets, use of Cummins in the middle overs rather than the beginning/end etc.- I am not getting it. Maybe he will show something during the course of the season. But thus far, his strategies in the England- India con
  10. I agree- no Satyajit Ray! And I don’t want to see a Pujara style vigil either. But just a bit of a contest between bat and ball. Yes, the CSK chase part was boring. But I was fine when Deepak Chahar swung that ball and knocked Mayank Agarwal’s stumps off in Punjab’s inning. And let’s be honest, who in CSK was going to bat in a way that really excites you? They would have put us to sleep on a dead wicket too. By contrast a Hardik Pandya or a Rishabh Pant could smack the ball on a sporting wicket.
  11. I agree that t20 is for good attacking cricket. But it should be a contest. Batsmen don’t need to be protected. The caliber of batting in the IPL , in part because of the names you mentioned, is a step above the PSL.
  12. In that case, why have bowlers. Just have the batsmen line up in front of ball machines and go pow pow..
  13. Just have Warner, Bairstow, Williamson, Rashid as the 4 international players and make Pandey be the 12th man who fields or brings the drinks. SRH will be fine.
  14. In cricbuzz’s post match show they said that since 2018, for SRH, he has played 14 innings that lasted 30 balls or more. SRH lost 11 of those games.
  15. Let’s see. Mr. Morgan has played 68 matches with a career S/R of 125.96. So yes, I can defend Gill who has an almost identical S/R as a 21 year old who is still trying to find his way. It all depends on context. In this game he helped his team’s cause. By way of contrast, SRH had Manish Pandey who had a statistically higher SR in the last game, but actually hurt his team’s cause. SRH should have him sit out. I agree with you in that MI has some great hitters. But Rohit hits around 130 and fits in fine too. That team can score 200 and win. But it also does fine in the 150-170 type games. So, I
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