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  1. This is my Test XI: Hayden Smith Kallis Sachin Lara Sangakkara Gilchrist (Wk) Akram Warne Murlidharan McGrath
  2. Rohit Rahul Kohli Pant Shreyas Hardik Jadeja Sundar Shardul Natrajan Bumrah Back up : Kishan, SKY, Axar, Tewatia, Chakravarthy, Saini. Shami should be reserved for tests only, Chahal should be kicked out.
  3. We have to score 250 at least to avoid batting once again.
  4. Spot on selection and we will win this one easily.
  5. The order can be diff but 4,5,6 should be given to these 3.
  6. For this series my XI will be: Rohit Rahul Kohli SKY Pant (Wk) Hardik Sundar Thakur Saini / BK Chakravarthy Natrajan
  7. SKY can finish matches with his 360 degree game. Takes time to settle in while Pant and Hardik can hit from ball 1. Hence I kept him at 4.
  8. Rohit Rahul Kohli SKY Pant (Wk) Hardik Jadeja Sundar Thakur Natrajan Bumrah This should be our full strength T20 team. Shami should be played in tests from now on.
  9. Gill Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane Pant (Wk) Sundar / Pandya (Depending on the track) Ashwin Axar Ishant Bumrah
  10. World XI: Latham Kane Root (C) Smith Babar Shakib Rizwan (Wk) Cummins Rabada Lyon Anderson India: Gill Rohit Pujara Kohli (C) Rahane Pant (Wk) Sundar/ Pandya Jadeja Ashwin Shami Bumrah
  11. We need more batting depth in a pink ball test.
  12. We'll be bowled out by Lunch tomorrow. This match is a gone case.
  13. He will play at least 3 more years of Test cricket so reaching the 400 club is a possibility.
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