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  1. Sanders is running for universal healthcare, cancellation of student loans, establishing a minimum wage and introducing a wealth tax. Buttigieg stands for none of these. He is a centrist while Sanders is staunchly to the left and therefore even further away from Buttigieg than the average Republican.
  2. Since when was murder an obstacle to becoming a political leader in India?
  3. Doubt it, their politics are too different.
  4. Don't think so, she already said it was too early for her (which is true).
  5. Sanders is probably the only candidate who stands a realistic chance vs Trump. I'm curious to see who he picks as running mate.
  6. So in short, you don't shower and you can only maintain an erection in the morning?
  7. JourneyMan


    Haven't read the book. Didn't know there was one until I watched the show.
  8. JourneyMan


    Watched both seasons. Dont think its based on any cricketer. It's actually based on a book. I liked it, it was a good watch.
  9. Most forums including this one have unfortunately gone terribly downhill with time, which is why I hardly post here anymore and don't go on other forums at all. Quality posters have either left or rarely post.
  10. This seems to be more cultural than religious. If a brahmin family put up a picture of their family dressed up for Christmas they would probably get some backlash on it too.
  11. Hi guys. I used to have a satellite dish for (free to air) Indian channels but now that I have moved I can no longer catch the signal. Are any of you using IPTV providers or apps? Someone suggested I get a MiBox and run the apps on Android TV. I would be happy to hear of your experiences.
  12. First sensible post in this thread. This childish competition of selectively showing outrage depending on the religion of the perpetrators is pathetic. India seriously needs to crack down on these disgraceful acts regardless of who commits them.
  13. Disagree about the bowling, Broad has just had one of his best series. Archer is young but dangerous. Roots biggest mistake was underbowling and eventually dropping Woakes. Outside of Smith and Labuschagne nobody really dominated the bowling. Regarding the batting I mainly agree except for Denly who was not too bad overall. I would give him some more games.
  14. It's all over. Looking forward to the team selection at the oval. I would replace Warner with Bancroft or Khawaja and give Mitchell Marsh a go as well as a replacement for Wade or Head. As for England, they should start looking for a replacement for Roy and possibly Buttler as well.
  15. They're getting a little reckless now. I know they want to bowl at England but on this pitch I would want at least a lead of 400 if not 450.
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