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  1. His poor fielding and fitness would affect us in LOIs. I would like someone like Rituraj Gaekwad to step-up and take the mantle from Sharma.
  2. You have to look at how much India scored during that South Africa series. Such tracks will backfire if we lose the toss and bat last on 4th or 5th day like it happened in Pune. We have battered SouthAfrica better when we played on decent sporting pitches. As people have mentioned, our paces have been really good for the last five years as they could reverse swing the SG ball like crazy which the SENA bowlers couldn’t. Also our better spinners could outbowl the visiting spinners on normal pitches then why take the risk and make the likes of Okeefe unplayable on bunsen burners.
  3. Lol. Why do we care about what some random internet troll thinks? England capitulating against spin would help us. That will seed doubts into their minds when they play against our spinners who are much superior.
  4. We won in MCG and drew in SCG thanks to Aussies dropping catches. So it evens out.
  5. What will happen to Natarajan even otherwise? This ain’t 1970s and Indians won’t allow any whiteboy to roll them over especially when we provide 90% of the revenue.
  6. Shane Warne was caught sharing match info with bookies, took PED and then blamed it on his poor mum and is known for cheating his partners. Indian social media should remind him all this.
  7. Warne was caught sharing match info with a bookie back in the days. Indian social media needs to remind that chadermod about that.
  8. Tyagi? He is just a kid with two first class games. And he is no express either. No way Indian team would play him ahead of experienced Thakur. Kuldeep is a different issue.
  9. Warney was overweight all his career, drank too much and smoked, had PEDs and then blamed it on his poor mother and even was alleged for sharing information about pitch and weather to a bookie. Not to mention his constant conflict with his captain. Other than his sledging and over-the-top antics, was Sreesanth ever reported for any indiscipline or for not practicing hard enough? I don’t remember anything. And he had pace but couldn’t sustain it for longer time just like many of our pacers in that era. I still remember him struggling hard to bowl fast in England series and then bowling a b
  10. Well, that’s no replacement for proof. We are a country where people do fake encounters for promotions.
  11. Not exactly. Many Kerala players look upto him and the likes of Samson and Thampi has spoken about how Sreesanth has helped/mentored them in their careers. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/ipl-2018-when-i-feel-low-i-go-to-sreesanth-for-advice-says-basil-thampi/story-WHM1Apo4dGc7IpNOIN2eoI_amp.html And talent sometimes can overcome lack of discipline. Shane Warne is one example from cricket. Sreesanth’s antics are just child’s play compared to someone like Dennis Rodman who has freaking five NBA championships. Contrary to the popular belief, I don’
  12. Was there any proof his match-fixing?
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