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  1. If one was given this option at start of semi final then, no won't have accepted But now as it looks like, nothing is going to change, King Kohli will continue with all his cheerleaders, then yes, India would have been better off not qualifying to semi
  2. Yaar ab Bangar pe please bill mat fado... I think the biggest reason for our loss is King Kohli, I don't remember any other captain who was as powerful as he is, in the sense that he is captaining when BCCI is very weak and he runs the show but still 1) Backed wrong coach 2) Backed Rayudu, Kedar, Dhoni n co 3) Didn't groom anyone in middle order after champion trophy loss 4) He looks more interested in PR bazi than batting 5)
  3. Bhai Dhoni ki Niyat kharab nahi thi, Magar uski aukaat utni hi thi ( Regarding Strike Rate) It's not fixing or lack of intent, it's incompetence
  4. The template to beat India is to bat first and try and score 300 odd ... Don't go for more and end up at 250. After that just try and get at least one of Kohli or Sharma or both before 20th over... That's it, Game, set match...Dhoni will come and take it deep and then bury everyone...
  5. Shanker will play and he gives cover to 5th bowler as well
  6. Bhai zyada door nahin Jana hai, check our performance against Lyon in first innings of both tests at Perth and Adelaide
  7. It's a game, no one will die if we lose..... But it's good to be pragmatic
  8. This is the best that one can do from current reserves.... But I would have preferred Kuldeep over Jaddu.... Also how much should one expect from Mayank and Vihari as openers, I will take 30 odd runs or 10 opening overs without a wicket
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