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  1. I dont know who is gonna win, but I have my bottom 3 ready 6.KKR 7.SRH 8.PBKS
  2. Looks like the end of the road for SRH this year.. Poor team selections, without a vision has landed them in a lot of trouble.. Most teams did not have a plan for the Chennai track, but the good teams have corrected their mistakes early...SRH is still figuring it out, speaks about the lack of leadership. They have 2 good openers, and a Rashid Khan..and some how they think that the rest will fall into place all by themselves..Tough luck, Orange Army
  3. Really impressed with this Arshdeep (atleast a son of the soil for the PK franchise) He needs to improve his physical shape, else he will be ravaged by injuries His wide yorkers shows his game awareness and that shows he has got a good temperament as well Hoping to see him go from strength to strength
  4. They cannot have Kane available and not play him in the 11 Samad can play the role, Hooda played last night. But its truly time to weed out Shankar and bring in Kedar Jadhav
  5. Pandey seems to be off the boil. Same is the case of 3D Vijay Shankar Time to play Kedhar Jadhav
  6. What a fabulous innings played by Samson. And what a Quality last over by Arshdeep I think we need to give credit where its due and so Arshdeep should get the credit for the last ball victory , however Sanju did all he could have Cant really blame him for not taking the single, as Morris dint look like putting bat on ball. Good leadership quality shown by the RR skipper, as he could have easily taken the single and not take the ownership of the loss. But he chose to take it on himself, to take the team home, which unfortunately dint happen. I quite like the Look of this ne
  7. The best chance for the Pak national team to win a white ball series in SA. If they miss out on this chance, they have only themselves to blame isnt it
  8. Good for Vihari...He is the only guy from the Indian squad to miss out on the IPL goodies i think
  9. Everybody needs a second chance in their lives. While playing Test matches can give you accolades if you do well, you still need the money after you hang up your boots isnt it. Im hoping for a turnaround for Pujara...Lets wish him all the best
  10. A new coach...thats what he needs, hopefully he will come out stronger.
  11. There sure seems to be something going on between them..But then these are needless waste of energy pitting one against the other I dont know why there is so much of a hatred for Kohli..Guys, lets leave them alone, and hopefully it will work for the betterment of the teams cause at the end of it Kudos to Shastri, if he has actually managed to break the ice
  12. Pujara may or may not make a difference for CSK, but just by giving him this IPL break has shown that this Yellow colored Franchisee is indeed Lion Hearted...They have won a lot of respect Just because of this gesture alone, Imma gonna root for CSK this year
  13. If DC can lift the trophy this year, we may see Pant captaining the T20 Intl matches sooner than later.
  14. This is his year of reckoning.. His stock is going to rise for sure , who knows if he has a good IPL ,will be tugging at the tails of Kohli and Rohit in a year or so. Good news for IPL, good news for DC..Lets see where this one goes
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