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  1. No disagreement. My mind just goes back to couple of test matches India had won in RSA on spicy pitches. Batted first, scored 200+ and destroyed them completely to gain critical first innings lead. My
  2. Hopefully win toss in Gabba and put a decent first innings total. It's nearly impossible to win a test match against Australia in Australia after losing the toss. What happened in last test was a miracle
  3. Complete amateur display. You would think coaching staff would have emphasized the need for cautious running between the wickets after that disastrous game changing run out in Adelaide but no India loves shooting itself in the foot.
  4. Few Indian batsmen in early 80' and 90's were labelled as strokeless wonders. Sidhu and Shastri come to mind. These 3 batted like strokeless blunders. Threw away such a promising start. Vihari is on pretty flicking thin ice right now. Lack of technique to survive against this type of bowling attack is one thing but lack of temperament as shown by his supersoft dismissals in Melbourne and Sydney tests is too hard to ignore.
  5. Yes, pretty much. They will give him slightly shorter duration to assure the masses that Bewda and Koach are on a shorter leash.
  6. Should be dropped. There is absolutely no need to make excuses such as transition BS. Dropped due to poor performance. End of the story.
  7. They kept on betting on the wrong horses. Rayudu has no power game, takes forever to get going, and struggled against high quality fast bowling. Rahane - Limp and no power game. Manish Pandey - Inept. Vijay Shankar - Too raw. Dhoni - Too fossilized. KL Rahul was not a bad option. He doesn't get bogged down against spinners and can hit effortlessly but Dhawan's injury killed that short-lived experiment. Pant with 40 games under this belt would have been a much better option.
  8. When Dhoni goes, middle order will auto-settle. KL will be asked to go to 4. Pant and Hardik will marshal 5 and 6. Jadeja will get lot of mileage out of his semi-final knock and will probably slot in at number 7. This allows captain to play 4 regular bowlers and rely on Jadeja and Pandya to cover 5th bowler's quota. All of these guys are young enough to go on till the next world cup. There are enough back-up options available to cover all of these slots with Gill, Iyer, Vijay, Ishan, Krunal etc as long as team management and selectors show bit of vision and handle these young playe
  9. They are still a pretty good team. ODI and T20 belong to younger hungrier player. Don't oversell experience and maturity. Nobody outside of Indian selection panel and team management would have picked the likes of Jadhavs and Kaarthiks over Pants Gills etc. Additionally, they allowed the Dhoni issue to drag on.
  10. Selectors should have realized 10 years ago that some great domestic players aren't good enough for international cricket.
  11. Yes. Champions teams bring silverware home. No point in keeping a 70+% win record if the trophy cabinet is bare.
  12. My preference: Rohit Mayank Kohli KL Pant Hardik Bhuvi Jadeja Kuldeep Shami Bumrah. I know the fossil will never be dropped, so most likely XI : Same as last match.
  13. Won't matter. Pakistan can't theoretically get ahead of NZ if BD bats first. It's game over the moment BD Openers walk out to bat.
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