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  1. I think Nortje is most consistent in terms of speed. He also has the most number of balls over 145+. Saini might edge Archer though because Archer bowls a ton of slower balls.
  2. But they didn't and that should be the end of it. Instead of thinking about this loss, they need to somehow find a way to stop teams from scoring 70-80 runs in last 5 overs. Their death bowling is pathetic by any means. Tournament is young and there are 13 matches left to be played. No point in crying over spilled milk.
  3. Punjab couldn't win despite having all the advantage. Rahul won a great toss. If Punjab had batted first, this game would have been over in 15 overs. After that Ashwin got injured after a great first over. Again, this match would have been over a long time ago if he was available. So no Punjab didn't deserve to win because of that short run. They were just not good enough. And with this bowling, they will always struggle. Their bowling is just not good enough.
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