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  1. Firstly india should be able to produce it’s own and secondly world cricket becomes really boring without competition. The whole fun of winning is in overcoming the odds.
  2. I have been one of the most vocal members of this forum, advocating for R Pant to usurp the tired old has been MSD. It seems this is just the tip of the iceberg, with Dhawan, Rohit and Kohli holding back further talent. In t20i am I wrong or should we be giving preference to the likes of Kishan, SKY, Deepak Hooda and Abdul Samad. These guys appear to have the explosive hitting we’ve been lacking since Sehwag, Yuvraj and Yusuf days.
  3. Same applies to Bangladesh and Pakistan who have huge cricket loving populations to select from. It’s a joke that these three countries aren’t head and shoulders above the rest and the likes of formerly West Indies and currently England, South Africa and Australia can compete.
  4. And that’s the point, too much poverty and so the nation is not fulfilling its fullest potential. Don’t see an inferiority complex in that, just good suggestions (unless personal pride/bragging rights is more important than the plight of so many of your countrymen).
  5. Fact is, 1.5 billion population doing this well isn’t a magnificent achievement, it’s parity (maybe even below). Just India heavily under achieved for so many years and so current stock seems amazing but it’s not when you really think about it.
  6. Lol (dodgeball); Hayden and Gilchrist give me hope
  7. My suggested ODI batting lineup (on assumption that Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli will be too old come next 50 over World Cup: Kishan Pant Gill SKY Iyer Hardik
  8. 50 over WC not on the horizon for a while, time to rebuild. Especially since current lineup are bucking a 26 year trend of successful World Cup strategy i.e. every winning nation has had at least one explosive player in their top 3 since 1996. Based on this criteria, the current top 3 are not fit for task. Given their age and playing style, at least one of them has to be dropped immediately and substituted with an explosive top order player e.g. Kishan.
  9. YOYO test designed to demonstrate fitness. Fitness helps one to field, bat and bowl to the best of their ability during intense game situations. It is not a substitute to specific fielding practice which also needs to be intense if high standards are to be maintained.
  10. It’s a nice thing and good achievement no doubt. But some teams/societies have matured to look at the bigger picture and put it in context. For example, Michael Clarke could have easily gone on to break Lara’s 400 record but he stopped as he realised his team winning the game was the bigger priority and achievement. It’s far better to score a 96 and your team win then 100* and your team lose. Washington played a clutch knock which helped lead his team to victory. In a way, that’s all that matters. The achievement of a 100 is someone what cheapened in the modern era as there have been a glutton
  11. Scoring hundreds, match winning and game saving innings in SENA, check.
  12. Sachin to the point of destroying his reputation and good will.
  13. Rishabh Pant (wicket-keeper) KL Rahul Virat Kohli (c) Hardik Pandya Shreyas Iyer Suryakumar Yadav Ishan Kishan Washington Sundar Bhuvneshwar Kumar Varun Chakravarthy T Natarajan Strategy: Go really hard from the beginning with Kohli to anchor the innings (none of this conservative nonsense brought in by Rohit/Shikhar) and deep batting lineup for protection. Opening bowling with 2 overs of Bhuvi (swing) and Washington (fast darts). Middle overs Hardik, Sundar and Varun. Finish up with Natrajan and Bhuvi.
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