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  1. Jayawardene lol!! Indian cricket has been plagued for years by teams that are HTBs and overseas failures. Bringing in this guy will likely cement that legacy for next 70 years lol
  2. Why are people blaming players, decision would be BCCIs
  3. Historic test series down the toilet due to bull ish money spinning ipl
  4. No, that’s how Dhoni lost 2014 series. After going 1-0 up at lords he tried to defend what he had over last 3 tests and he ended up losing 3-1. Just play the best team for the conditions and back them.
  5. two issues, india messed up his development by delaying his introduction to test cricket (W Indies 2013) when he really should have been introduced in S Lanka 2010 instead of Raina. Second issue which compounded the first, grew up on diet of t20. Had he played in the 90s and played county etc early on I suspect he would have had at least as successful an overseas test career as Ganguly
  6. KLR- only just starting to settle into test match batting overseas, hence cannot play about with his position in the batting order now. Especially as opening a traditional weak spot for Indian batsmen. Rohit Pujara- not happy with him long term but for this series has found a degree of rhythm and so given his experience and once in a while match defining overseas knocks, must play next game Kohli Rahane- calm head to have around the side. Tactically very shrewd and so I’m sure can provide advice to VK. Best player against out and out quick bow
  7. When all is said and done, will no doubt go down in the annals of history alongside the great B Mitchell.
  8. Siraj has played in these places and has a good record on such wickets. He will also be backed up by Jadeja/Ashwin which will mean he'd have benefit of dangerous bowlers to help apply cumulative pressure. Shami/Umesh are very attacking bowlers and have excellent record in India.
  9. Demonstrates quality of Ranji trophy these days and A tours; how often have you seen an Indian pacer come out of domestics and take to international scene like a fish to water. First Australia, now England, Siraj has made telling contributions. Shami and Bumrah adapted quickly to international test cricket also.
  10. Lovely guy but sadly horrible/irritating commentator
  11. clickbait to attract Indian hits, what does he know or care about Manjrekar?
  12. Mcgrath was a fantastic player who I admire greatly. I do feel sometimes he and that Australia were made 'simply unbeatable' with multiple questionable decisions from umpires going their way.
  13. I'm not sure why there's an obsession with Manju's cricketing opinions. He's pretty fair and unbiased and tries to do an honest job. I think even if you ask Ashwin himself, his last great achievement that he needs is a run of a few gun series overseas to further his legacy. Recent Australia series was an excellent start, where he was fantastic until he became injured. Previous tours in Australia, RSA and England have been lacklustre. That's an entirely fair metric for helping judge someone as an ATG, especially when other bowlers from same era have flourished similarly on very helpful wickets
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