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  1. I will like to see SKY in that position, he does have earned his spot by scoring in domestics. Pant can wait.
  2. He is trying his best to get out of team India but our coach and captain have some other plans.
  3. I would love to throw Yashaswi Jaiswal in Indian ODI Team to team up with Rohit then Dhawan, His is not on the right side of age as injuries will be frequent for him.
  4. New ball should not be given to shardul. He might won the game for NZ in first ten overs. Give it to Saini.
  5. they will back him, every now knows he has 0(zero) offside game, kinda legside slogger he is. he won't succeed if bowlers start bowling offside with speed even in IPL. His keeping has been improved over last year or so.
  6. Kohli want Shardul to be our Hard ik Pandya but he can not even become agarkar
  7. Some people on team is like curse and Thakur & Jadhav seems like one. I don't know why the hell are they still playing for Team India.
  8. KL Rahul seems like a good keeper, He may have his off days but seems to do the basics right.
  9. being a makeshift keeper he may have off day's. I have seen him taking some really sharp catches and he does reads the pitch which was not the case with atleast Pant. Still tried stumping against williamson & last over catch I am sure Pant have messed up with that. When Pant was keeping he rarely had good days.
  10. It seems Virat is following MSD footsteps. "We are unchanged."
  11. I watched his bowling yesterday, runup seems odd... But looks like he is in mould of Rashid Khan (Afg) who is also predominantly an googly bowler and operates in around 90KPH speed. Good propspect to keep an eye on but still he is WIP.
  12. LOL Jaiswal is gone, we are in trouble.
  13. We need atleast 230-250 even though there is swing on offer, Australia will be favorite if we score less i think.
  14. Oh Man KL Rahul does have a class. IT was an awsome shot.
  15. I am not a donkey to see that, I am human. He has not shown maturity either in keeping or in batting flashy wins do come like afridi did for pakistan. he needs to improve thats all i am saying i know he is not old but if you think he is good in T20 can you justify his 121 strike rate ??
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