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  1. Babar Azam is the best t20I batsman in the world. He has been number 1 for quite a long time.
  2. Is Iranian AD being trained by the Indian Army?
  3. Anchor " Emotional ho rahay hain, ansu hain inn ki ankhon mein" HAHAHAHAHAHA matlab kuch bhiiii
  4. I expect the general indian population to be more tolerant of minorities esp. Muslim considering they are a very sizable number and have played a key role in Indian society; Bollywood, Abdul Kalam etc. Pakistani population, most of them dont even have exposure to non-muslims, except here and there so i dont expect the same level of tolerance from them. However, the behavior on this thread has been shocking level of hate and malice for Muslims. Almost animalistic.
  5. The amount of hatred i see for Muslims, your fellow indians, on here is astounding and if it is representative of the ground realities then these are sad sad times.
  6. Shami always looked like an old man. Easily 35.
  7. Hahaha thats why i love this forum. Everyones joking around and the quality of humor is high. Leaves you relaxed.
  8. Sad to see bunch of whinos and sour losers with agendas hating on Kohli. Top lad and absolute champion.
  9. for someone who got humilatied by the runners up...you can fill in the blanks yourself
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