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  1. Maybe of the only sport they like is cricket they would go and watch “Leeds” but not many people here only like cricket and nothing else, rugby or football. Not sure if anyone from Liverpool will watch the Manchester team, but Liverpool isn’t really a traditional cricket city anyway. Anyway, let’s just agree this is a farce and hope it doesn’t last!
  2. You have to be British to understand I think. No one from Sheffield or Bradford or Huddersfield or Barnsley or Hull or Middlesbrough would go and watch a team called Leeds!
  3. Ahem Yorkshire v Lancashire if you don’t mind ;) They didn’t even call the Hundred team Leeds as they know it has too many negative connotations relating to the football club! Its always a great atmosphere at those games tbf and usually a good game. When there’s a full crowd in its fantastic. Sadly not the case this year with Covid and what not
  4. Well I and most county fans and members care deeply about the results of our counties (and indeed England) but generally that’s true, certainly compared to India. Agree about the need for more “stars” as well if they’re going to do it. I think they’re making it about the event not the cricket, so pop stars performing, fireworks, promotions etc. So why not just do franchise T20 with all those extra attractions?
  5. I love the Blast, love T20 but this Hundred is a marketing campaign, not a proper competition
  6. Move this to “other sports”. Certainly doesn’t belong in the “cricket talk” section. Load of shite
  7. I noticed that the other day. It sounded a lot like something else!
  8. One win in a random T20 and they’re out blocking the roads outside the ground gloating at any England fans that go past. Small time wankers
  9. Saq is one of those guys that even as a straight man you have to admire his looks
  10. He’s quite well spoken and smart looking. Reckon his parents are doctors or accountants rather than shop owners or cab drivers ;)
  11. Also Khawaja trying to pretend like he knows what the hell he’s talking about
  12. Good stuff And yes I have since you ask
  13. I will as it’s the absolute truth. The UK would be almost out of lockdown without the Pakistanis bringing and spreading the delta variant. Get your head out of the sand. Do you live in the UK? Have you had your vaccine yet?
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