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  1. Who knows when “post Covid” is going to be. Could be a load of unknown players at this rate
  2. Hopefully a touring Indian team will be exempt. I need the Aussies and NZ to be playing by then to keep me entertained during Europe’s inevitable winter lockdown. Not sure how the ipl can happen as the situation in India looks terrible and won’t be improving any time soon
  3. India tours to SL and Zim off. RUBBISH. Sport is going back to normal and so far it's been very safe. No safer environment with all the precautions in the European football leagues, Australian rugby, golf, F1, NBA, WI in England. The list goes on
  4. 8th July here when England play WI. Allegedly. Can’t see it happening though
  5. Yes makes a lot of sense. Far easier to organise one team coming to a country than 16 in this situation
  6. Should have been kept away from the world it’s ****. Bloody Chinese again spreading **** across the world
  7. Do it. Germany are showing the way for sport to return hopefully cricket will follow soon
  8. No one is finding their passion at the moment unless their passion is sitting inside watching Netflix
  9. Ha ha never actually noticed that habit but now you mention it I realise I’ve seen and done it many times
  10. I think from a uk perspective we should now be able to choose what we do. Many people support the lockdown as they are currently getting financial support from the government and a lot of people are actually scared. Even my parents who are usually cool about things and were saying it wasn’t a threat when it first arrived in the UK. In my case my place of work is still open so I have to go there every day still, I live on my own so pose no danger to any family members and am young and in good health. Those that want to stay at home still can. Those that want to get on with life should now be able to do so now that the infection rate in the uk is coming down
  11. This is what I don’t understand about the whole thing. Most studies suggest that a large number of cases (up to 90%) are asymptomatic so why is there a need to lock down?
  12. YCCC

    Fcuk China

    I'd welcome it now certainly Watching that Aus V NZ match and various European football matches before the lockdowns I was like "not sure about this" but now we're used to this new life we all have it would be nice to have sport to watch to entertain us. Summer is coming and a few beers and sport on tv would be just what we need and might help keep people indoors as well. Who knows if or when it will actually happen though
  13. YCCC

    Fcuk China

    I get that and fortunately I haven’t been hit hard financially or know anyone with the virus yet. Still it’s usually nice to have sport to take your mind off the usual **** of everyday life
  14. YCCC

    Fcuk China

    Not if I can help it. Can’t hear the word China without shouting BASTARDS like some sort of Tourette’s
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