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  1. After getting close to parity on first innings I had no doubt India would avoid defeat, but thought maybe a draw with a bit of help from the weather. But for India to win at the Gabba against that attack was fantastic. I won’t mention the injuries etc as clearly that would be disrespectful to all the players on the tour to call some of them “India A” effectively. A great achievement for all involved and along with the England win gave me a bit of cheer in cold, locked down UK
  2. Really impressed with how India have held up and kept going in this series. Most teams would crumble losing so many key players on a tour of Australia
  3. YCCC

    BBL 2020/21

    Do they not have any extra time if it rains in these games? Only rained for about half an hour yet they lose six overs
  4. Might have no choice if it has its father’s character traits
  5. The rules may have changed, but they must have had in the back of their minds that this could happen. The situation is changing rapidly and has been for 10 months
  6. They might have no choice, it’s up to the government how the series can be played, in England obviously. Same conditions are being used in India as well though
  7. Surely they knew about this before the tour. If they think this is bad they might as well call off the two England series, both in India and the UK, now, as they’ll be in those conditions for weeks during those series
  8. Erm wtf guys. This was meant to be my lockdown Saturday morning entertainment
  9. Yep as I say, at least in Yorkshire, there is very little difference in their behaviour. There may be some animosity between these two uneducated communities but they are far more similar than they would ever admit. Sorry about your friend’s experience but obviously that’s not typical of most people here, and anyone can be a victim of such behaviour, whatever their race/colour
  10. If you lose the game you lose the game and should get no points. Whether you’re ahead of where the opposition were at halfway through the innings is neither here nor there. If you collapse disastrously in the second half of the innings then you deserve nothing. You pick a team to win a game of cricket, before the game starts, and stick with it. changing your mind halfway through is just daft. What’s the other one? Oh yeah the split powerplay thing. This is the only one I don’t have any issue with. Don’t have any strong feelings either way
  11. Tbh I just see the Pakistanis as very similar to lower class English people. Not worth knowing or bothering with. I certainly see a difference between them and the Indian (Hindus) though, who generally contribute more to society with better paid and highly skilled jobs such as finance, accounting and IT. Then you have the Sikhs who are into engineering and manufacturing. Not sure about the curry houses but I know my local one is Indian owned. Well they’re Indians from Manchester anyway, big United fans lol
  12. Do you guys think the series will be completed? After the SA fiasco I’m surprised the ECB didn’t ask to relocate the series to the UAE. India is chaotic at the best of times never mind when there’s a pandemic on!
  13. I think as well, Yorkshire are getting the stick now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other “allegations” came out about other clubs eventually
  14. The accusations sound terrible but I agree we need to wait until Yorkshire get their chance to respond. At the moment it seems like a mud slinging match and the guy who started it off, a British Pakistani, wasn’t particularly popular either at Yorkshire or around the club scene in Yorkshire, due to his poor attitude and arrogance. Regarding Pujara, it sounds like a lot of nothing, but we don’t know what he really thought of it. He seems too nice to complain even if he was unhappy
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