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  1. Utter disgrace to see bowler like unadkat keep Shamin the ipl even at this time when a youngster bowls 140 is sitting in dugout. Bloddy he bowls 105 for entire over.
  2. Ko said is finisher going to take on the bowler this over...lodu Karthik said I don't think he ll do that we know dhoni he likes to take it deep. BC 20 over ka match hai aur 5 overs bachey hai aur kitna deep le jayega.
  3. Looks like after dhoni retirement Samson is not worrying about his spot in Indian team and showing all the class against csk.
  4. Atleast be happy he started it so well otherwise the batting in this ipl so far is boaring till now.
  5. Hope Karthik get chance ahead of Curran.
  6. EEehhhhh dubey runs so slow that it takes ever to finish 19th overs....
  7. how come knuckles brigade keeps getting chances ahead of Sainin in Lois...
  8. how come that was wide... I indian umpires are real disgrace..
  9. Rashid 18 year delectate bone couldn't withstand grown up Abhishek thrashing..
  10. Thank god Pandey din't click eventually, or else the way he started 17 on 10 ball, it gave real scare.
  11. Kohli sala panauti hai he can't win …. look at his face, he can't even get correct 11 players. On these slow pitches he is bowling fast bowlers.
  12. Wow Yadav inspite of playing for so long still can't bowl 2 ball at same place irrespective of garbage what he bowls.
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