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  1. This is expected as IPL was organised, as soon as a window popped up, as a knee jerk reaction to financial losses, franchises or BCCI may encounter. Nobody had any clue whether the Australia series would go ahead or if a plan was in place, if it does. The whole talk about country before money or vice-versa is very unhelpful as money is pretty important in a COVID year. The Indian tour to Australia is also going ahead at this point of time purely because of monetary reasons but somehow players are judged at a higher ethical code, which is double standards at best.
  2. But BCCI is still the overall authority of cricket management in India, they should have foreseen such conflicts
  3. The last I checked IPL was a league organised by BCCI. You can't put the onus on the player to decide what's best for the country, BCCI could have had a no nonsense policy to tell the player to head to NCA as soon an injury is brought to attention, but shouldnt sit on the fence and say I told you so, that's clearly a lack of ownership and mismanagement.
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