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  1. https://www.ibtimes.co.in/sweets-diplomacy-borders-new-year-eve-indo-pak-soldiers-exchange-sweets-pleasantries-loc-844296
  2. i dont know why are you cursing and generalizing the whole nation. as i said before, if you dont wana chat with me then dont bother to quote or reply me.
  3. i personally didnt do any sort of things you have mentioned and i have sympathy for him and his family, and as i stated. they arrested more than 100 people who were in cameras with main culprits. theres gonna be trial and they will face punishment. i have no agenda. if you dont wana chat with me then dont bother to quote or reply me.
  4. https://www.bolnews.com/pakistan/2021/12/37-sri-lankan-students-arrive-in-pakistan-for-undergraduate-postgraduate-courses/
  5. yes, it was shameful. we admit that. we also arrest almost more than 100 workers over there. justice will be serve by hanging the main culprits.
  6. This is gracing the front page of the NY Times right now as a large article--and that too in the Christmas season. Arrests, Beatings and Secret Prayers: Inside the Persecution of India’s Christians https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/22/world/asia/india-christians-attacked.html
  7. 20 years ? are you sure sir ? who told you this ? RAW/ CIA / Mossad ? because with all there resources and wealth / tactics / pressure , CIA told the date about 2012, which cme and gone and nothing happend. I wonder why they failed. but whatever.
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