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  1. we dont take much of medicines from india now a days, also india can stop giving medical visas to Pakistanis, thats your right. do whatever you want to do. and dont drag the state of medina in our conversation. the political system in Pakistan and the state of medina are opposite in many ways. if Imran khan is fool, doesnt mean you have to be fool by repeating him.
  2. Bangladesh PM asks state minister Murad Hassan to resign by Tuesday His phone conversation is viral where he threatened to rape an actress named Mahiya Mahi from both her front and rear side. https://www.newagebd.net/article/156668/bangladesh-pm-asks-state-minister-murad-hassan-to-resign-by-tuesday
  3. can you plz explain this. i cant understand what are you saying.
  4. they asked for Pakistani visas and are already in Pakistan. read the article. we issued almost 5000 visas for sikhs last month.
  5. off topic - I think you visited Pakistan few months ago ?
  6. you are living up to your ICF ID name. watching some sastay nashay wala youtube channel. keep it up.
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