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  1. So the "world's best T20 side" lost a T20 game to Zimboks It will be utterly hilarious if they concede the series
  2. Healy was a terribly poor batsman though. Not sure how he lasted that long on his keeping skills alone.
  3. Equation is pretty simple. For the first test (on current form): Mayank Gill Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Ashwin Shami Bumrah Umesh/Saini Rahul replaces Kohli in the second test. And then we will have Rohit on standby from the third test onwards to replace anyone who's in poor form.
  4. Does this idiot Chucktar actually believe that Shitistan is the best country on the planet?
  5. Lol yeah Saeed Anwar sooking about the wet and relatively harder ball made that win a lot more sweeter But the way Ijaz Ahmed made a mincemeat of our bowlers the very next game was tragic.
  6. Mine was the Independence Cup final win against Pak in Dhaka, when Hrishikesh Kanitkar took us home in the last over. I think it was January 1998 and the first time ever when a team successfully chased down 300 in an ODI. I was in the hospital that day just after undergoing surgery of my appendix removal and I distinctly remember almost jumping out of bed in joy even in that painful condition LOL.
  7. An English T20 team without Roy, Hales, Root, Stokes and Archer yet poyz find a way to screw up. And these clowns get wet dreams of featuring in IPL
  8. The world's phaashtesht bowlers couldn't defend almost 200 in 20 overs it seems, that too in phoreen conditions
  9. I heard a new bunch of selectors will choose the team for this series. That is the only thing to look forward to as an Indian cricket fan.
  10. Meh who cares? We whitewashed them in the T20s. That is all what counts in the year of the T20 world cup. Jokes apart, phuck de Asstri and Choli.
  11. Why you moron, why? Why should these desert cult jahil bhikaris make money off us? Why?
  12. Man I just cannot stand their classless fans and that disgusting Nagin dance celebration
  13. Oh sorry. Gayle Sehwag Babar Azam AB de Villiers Symonds Stokes Buttler Narine Starc Umar Gul Bumrah
  14. Warner Gayle Kohli Maxwell Stokes Buttler Russell Pandya Narine Gul Bumrah
  15. These clowns don't even know what to cry about. Fascist Modi is not offering Indian citizenship to Pakistani Muslims boo hoo hoo LOL. Donkeys first cry about India being a hellhole for Muslims, and at the same time they have a problem when they are not invited to that supposed hellhole. You have your own separate country duffers, why do you even want to come here? Their India obsession will never end I guess.
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