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  1. Just check where their priorities lie. No money to pay for an aircraft that's been bought on lease (no aukaat to even buy a plane outright), no money to pay Broadsheet or Rakodec due to their recently lost court cases, the average Baki cannot put two square meals a day on the table. But spending millions to make and test Shaheen 3 was very necessary at this stage (which failed spectacularly too as it landed somewhere in Balochistan killing many of their own citizens). So their motto is - "we will rather die of hunger than at the hands of Hindu baniyas".
  2. Niazi mortgages the Fatima Jinnah park
  3. Phattu Paine didn't have balls to back his bowlers and give them more overs against a team that's missing 11 of it's first choice players. So much for "Can't wait for Gabba" lol.
  4. Bwahahahahahhhhaaa... Beghairat "Roohani Aitmi Quwwat" begging for vaccines from Hindu fascist baniyas. https://m.republicworld.com/world-news/pakistan-news/pakistan-okays-india-manufactured-astrazenecas-coronavirus-vaccine-for-emergency-use.html
  5. Kufr haters dancing on Kufr Bollywood music. It's too much to expect these pigs to have any ghairat.
  6. Now even their so called iron biradar Islamic mumaliks are kicking their butts.
  7. Lmfao WTF banjo Police station taken over by stray pigs, cops terrorised https://www.opindia.com/2021/01/pakistan-singh-moro-pigs-police-station-cops-locals-haram/
  8. Acchha? Go tell this to your media then. By the way, these things cost money.
  9. Remember Adelaide 2004? Both teams got 500 plus in their first innings, yet we ended up winning thanks to Ajit Agarkar's 6-fer. One little speck of brilliance and we will be back in the game. Don't lose hope.
  10. Draw is the most favourable result for Aussies, then they can hope to seal it in Brisbane then as we have never won a test there and it's the fastest pitch they have.
  11. So they will purchase 1.2 million doses of this made in cheen vaccine, which is 12 lakh units (roughly one tenth of a crore) and their population is 23 crores. 12 lakh mei to sarkari babus aur gernails bhi nahi cover honge. Aam aadmi ko as usual milega Babaji Ka Thullu. These bakchods don't even know ki kis khabar pe khush hona hai.
  12. Apple is all set to become another Nokia. I mean, they just keep releasing so called flagships with exorbitant price tags having just an upgraded bionic chip and practically zero innovation. Even a Bluetooth file transfer is a chore, feels like you are in prison.
  13. Pak Army Found Converting UN Mission Employees To Islam In Congo
  14. And these chuttads have the gall to preach us human rights. Bawaseer saale.
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