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  1. Beta Shubman ! Our captain Wrogn feels threatened, don't you understand ?
  2. Our people have sent gundas having multiple cases against them in court and police station in parliament, we have sent illiterate people in parliament because of hero worship and religious bias what do you expect from us ? Dhoni has good share of this fan base in India like our politicians. Congress ya BJP desh Ko nahi badlegi jab tak Janta Janardhan khud nahi badalti.
  3. What emotional blackmailing of jantaa In other words Dhoni will retire after next year's WT20.
  4. Kapil Dev: "Ravi Ko apni head coach ki position badaane key liye nahi keh sakte lekin yeh zaroor keh sakte hai ki aage extend karo"
  5. Only stats which matters and how Kohli fared in that is 9, 1, 1. Get Lost.
  6. Amount of luck, in favour weather conditions in different matches is same for both 92 Pak and 2019 NZ Same was not the case with 99 Pak
  7. Pak batted first in 92 WC finals Dil Dil Naya Zealand
  8. Sack Rahul. I have not seen a opener like him in a long time representing India who is just so much tentative and his mind so much clouded that he does not looks settled even after hitting an half century off 70 odd balls. Maybe because of Dhongi baba virus
  9. It is a vicious cycle... From Gavaskar to Kapil to Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman to Sachin, Sehwag to Yuvraj, Dhoni and will proceed to Kohli, Rohit, Dhawan and then the youngsters who look up to them. They just don't know when to let it go!
  10. Why don't we have any like minded ex-cricketers in our country? Why blame the casual Indian fans when we have plethora of of our ex-cricketers who are equally dumb and do hero worship? I blame our ex-cricketers more than casuals , they should speak up, they should be first to know what **** is being cooked up while selecting squad
  11. Not disputing bro. I feel instead of searching for no. 4 till the very last moment, he should have batted at 4 with Dhoni at 5 to strengthen middle order from start of WC. Giving license to Pant and Pandya at 6/7/8
  12. My Team Order : 1) Dhawan/Mayank 2) Rohit 3) Rahul 4) Kohli 5) Dhoni 6) Jadhav/Jadeja 7) Pant 8) Pandya 9) Kuldeep 10) Shami 11) Bumrah
  13. I think Kohli should have batted on 4th from start of WC to strengthen middle order with Rahul at 3rd.
  14. So feeding off one good innings for 12 years now , he was never good in t20
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