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  1. If both pandu do not perform in next match replace both them with Neesham and chawla. Both of them can atleast score 10 runs between which would anyway be better than both pandus.
  2. Dhoni has lost countless such matches for India. I haven't seen anyone question integrity of Dhoni lol
  3. @zakk zinda lash hain. mera suggestion to follow bhi nahi kiya.
  4. I remember Kohli celebrating a century against hapless Windies after 2019 as if he was the first one to score 500 and he will do the same when he scores next ton lol. This itself tells you what matters to players
  5. Welcome to International Cricket Gill lol
  6. Umpires call should be discarded if the distance between projection and stumps is low I they can make this change to be more accurate
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