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  1. D-day is one of my favorite movies, every scene is done with purpose
  2. Mission Istanbul, most underrated comedy movie of all time. So many LMFAO moments lost count
  3. @Mariyam I was talking about priorities, not percentages. It’s obvious healthcare and education need a big boost, I already wrote about that. India defense budget as a share of gdp is not even in top 20 in the world, so not sure why you think india spends too much on defense If you think defense is the least priority for a country invaded for more than 1000 years and surrounded by 2 hostile nuclear armed neighbours, I’m just thankful there are people in the govt who don’t think like you. Your kind of thinking would accelerate the plan of India —> Endia
  4. Anyone questioning defense spending are a threat to national security and should be locked up in a mental asylum. Haven’t they read history??? I don’t agree with many silly projects of the govt like ayush or the many freebie projects which could be used to boost healthcare, policing and law, but national security is non-negotiable. These should be the priorities IMHO: defense healthcare education and business policing and law
  5. They’re rich because they work hard and don’t indulge in victim mentality due to being minority. Very admirable qualities, kinda like parsis and jews.
  6. @coffee_rules No I was quite religious in my teenage years, but then took a bunch of religion courses in undergrad which allowed me to study them objectively and inferred it was a waste of time. Been agnostic and then eventually atheist for more than a decade now. But now I realize it could be a good coping mechanism, at least not for me but I can understand why others believe in it.
  7. Wtf? I hope you're not trading using these gems from astrology. I remember in my professional broking days I took one guy to a client. This guy promised he had a very profitable system. When he started explaining about rashi ketu etc. affecting gold price I cringed and wanted to get out of the room asap. Surprisingly the client acted calm and was very respectful. We laughed it off after the 'trader/astrologer' left.
  8. ^^velu good catch, never knew about this lower limit. Look how much volume there is in back months, A longstanding singaporean oil trading firm blew up with $4B in losses. The boss kept going long thinking markets will recover quickly from the virus. Goes to show why trading against the trend is a stupid idea, even if you have millions in the bank. Trading with momentum is where the money's made, especially if you know how to add to positions ;)
  9. I'm atheist but this current situation has got me worried about family back in india. With traveling being cutoff the feeling of helplessness has seeped in. Apart from prayer or god is there any hope? I'm just hoping that nothing happens to loved ones back home, apart from that there's nothing I can do I'm wondering if god was created back in the day because people had little knowledge about anything and had way more things left to chance than today. I feel god is just another word for hope
  10. superpower in what, making cheap goods? china will NEVER become a cultural superpower like the white dominant countries. chinese/east asian looks, language, food and culture in general will never catch the fancy of people outside that geographical sphere. In fact east asians are looked down upon by almost everyone else, especially the west, arabs and indians. You never hear of people dreaming of immigrating to east asia rofl
  11. This is the best opportunity in decades to move manufacturing out of china and stop the complete dependency on chinese supply chain. The question is which other countries are ready to step up? Apparently tesla is looking for a manufacturing base for its trucks. I think they will shun china and do everything in the US itself, people will be hungry for jobs once this mess is over
  12. Rahane: If we tilt our face at an angle of 108.03 degrees left and 78.22 degrees down when someone sneezes, we can dodge the virus
  13. keep rubbing it in by calling it wuhan virus or china virus
  14. Unadkat can’t possibly be worse than bhuvi who has lost his mojo. I would bring unadkat back into the national side, will bring much needed variety to the attack. Even if we look at unadkat’s international stats they’re not too shabby, not sure why he was dropped in the first place
  15. Some good news, back in top 10 https://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/mens/player-rankings/test
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