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  1. If we didn’t give chance to pant how can he improve his wk skill. We need to give him full home season. India did blunder to didn’t play him against sa & BL ( both weak team) last year .
  2. Rohit gill pujara kohli rahane pant sundar axar/Kuldeep ishant/siraj bumrah sundar can play as batting all rounder & 5th bowling option.
  3. We should respect our all player.
  4. Sundar & Shardul did excellent work without the help from pujara in first innings, yes they can’t score every time . U don’t need to play pool short always against short bowling, just need to defend successfully or leave it.
  5. because he don’t have any shorts to counter short pitch bowling.even sundar & Shardul didn’t get blow on body. Did you watch gill batting against short bowl.
  6. Aussie himself will say ambrose , walsh & bishop better than current aussie attack
  7. But older generations batsman already played him, so add 10 run in those batsman avg who played against him in particular match
  8. Dravid also faced ambrose, walsh & bishop in 97 better than any attack pujara faced untill now .
  9. Dravid faced peak Anderson, broad & swann in 2011
  10. Your own word just pattas, flat road. Murli avg 22 on road & warne 25 . Just imagine if murli & warne playing today , his avg would be 12 & 15. And if lyon bowling on those patta , his avg would be near 40
  11. He also played against world goat spinner. Warne, murli,. Good spinner saqlain , macgill, vettori, swann ( pujara also played), Kaneria. Today india playing against only one spinner lyon ( avg 32). We didn’t even play Pakistan. ( against yashir shah & ajmal).
  12. Fully agree with you. @zenmade lot of thrade on pujara. End of the day its gill & pant who won this match. Pujara played some gritty innings in series but the end of series rookie gill & pant outplayed him.avg33 in this series.
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