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  1. How does SRH get Indian players who are like c grade for even Indian standards? Wooden spoon waiting for SRH at the bottom of the table.
  2. India has to make another 300/6 in second innings to get the "pitch is a minefield" rhetoric to reasonable levels.
  3. Gill KL Rahul Pujara Kohli Sundar Pandya Pant Ashwin Siraj Kuldeep Bumrah
  4. Englands 2-0 win over Sri Lanka could be blessing in disguise for us. So both teams might start the series on equal footing atleast in the public and media perception as opposed to India being overwhelming favorites till now. Good for the team to get the focus back and climb the England hill.
  5. this England team is ATG and also remember the last time these two teams played. Was it 4-0 in tests?
  6. Bhai yeh Bharat hai. They will find 100 ways to get around that rule with active connivance from BCCI harami's.
  7. I am late to the party but why arent Bumrah, Umesh, Ashwin available for all four tests against England? Its 20 days away and all these three have minor injuries. I understand Shami and Jadeja have broken bones.
  8. SRH has big holes in their team line up and its a miracle that they won couple of matches so far. With Warner out of form they have no chance.
  9. True. He looked in great touch yesterday but its against west indies. He doesnt seem to have it in him against better teams.
  10. Whoever comes in as coach have to make these things their priority 1) Team absolutely above any corrupt practices like Dhoni/Virat screwing the team including a golden opportunity to win the world cup for brand endorsement money. 2) The only criteria for success should be winning test series in AUS/SA/England 3) New player/match winner introduction in each season 4) Improvements in issue areas like ODI middle-order now and of course continued excellence in bowling in both test and ODI by having a good pool of 7/8 bowlers who can win you matches.
  11. corruption, cliques, PR agents behind the scene. They literally gave away the world cup to keep king pin Dhoni in playing eleven. In any sane world some one should suspend all involved for 6 months and investigated. There is no way len-den wasnt done behind the scenes.
  12. How did India A lose this match from 11 or 8 balls. Axar instead of retaining strike gave it away to 11 Avesh on the 4th ball.
  13. His face looks like he may start crying anytime. Like KL Rahul, S Iyer does not inspire confidence.
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