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  1. this England team is ATG and also remember the last time these two teams played. Was it 4-0 in tests?
  2. Washington is a much much better batsmen to face Lyon than Pant
  3. Bhai yeh Bharat hai. They will find 100 ways to get around that rule with active connivance from BCCI harami's.
  4. I am late to the party but why arent Bumrah, Umesh, Ashwin available for all four tests against England? Its 20 days away and all these three have minor injuries. I understand Shami and Jadeja have broken bones.
  5. With longish tail and a nick every over we are looking at 90 all out guys. No two ways about it. Tracer bullet!!
  6. Second test line up: Mayank Gill Pujara KL Rahul Rahane Vihari Pant Ashwin Saini/Siraj Bumrah Shami
  7. SRH has big holes in their team line up and its a miracle that they won couple of matches so far. With Warner out of form they have no chance.
  8. Charlie_

    V for Vendetta

    Its a decent movie but lead to a lot of "rebel" liberal type idiot bhindus to sport the Guy Fawkes mask in their online profiles. Some virtue signaling Commie types still do it.
  9. So there are not many countries in the world that have not f**d us? Will there ever be a news item other way round?
  10. What a shitty team roster SRH has. Where did they spend all the money? They have zero middle order and will end up at the bottom of the table.
  11. Thats how aggressive groups behave. They did all the unthinkable atrocities from 1947 to this day (kabul wedding hall bombing by some al-pakistani) including a genocide of Hindu's in 1947. Even with this background they have successfully built support among worldwide MSM. The important point is they plan and work towards this and its very natural for Pakistani and other Islamists. At this point we should be only asking ourselves, the Bhindu qaum - Are we very low on IQ/EQ scale and are we as a civilization just plain retarded? Just the tweets from last few days from Imran Khan are
  12. What logic is this? Whats that got to do with Mayor of London. With proper cunning and bigoted Islamist support any Pakistani can become mayor of London. The argument is that an Avg Indian there has a professional job and an average thug in that rally is probably dole sucking leach. I dont agree with this argument though.
  13. Genuine curiosity. Were Nazi musicians who were members and sympathized with what was going on allowed to play music after the trials?
  14. True. He looked in great touch yesterday but its against west indies. He doesnt seem to have it in him against better teams.
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