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  1. When was Marshal anything special in ODIs. There are at least 20 bowlers superior to Marshal in Odis. Nathan bracken was superior bowler than Marshal in Odis.
  2. Before that also they have long list of bad performances in WC knockouts. Thanks to Cairns who won them 2000 ICC trophy from verge of defeat.
  3. Before that also they have long list of bad performances in WC knockouts. Thanks to Cairns who won them 2000 ICC trophy from verge of defeat.
  4. From 1985 onwards Gavaskar's Odi record. Matches- 56 Runs-1954 Average - 45.44 Strike rate- 66.01 Century-1 Half century -20 For a small period of around 3 years Gavaskar was India 's best Odi batsman.
  5. Greatbatch never got much recognition because New Zealand didn't win the WC and immediately after WC he went back to 68-69 strike rate for most of his innings with the exception of 3-4 half centuries. On the other hand Jayasurya built upon the success of 96 WC. Same year he made fastest century & half century and played many destructive innings after that.
  6. I agree though I am more interested in openers (greenidge) .Viv, Kapil of course were having SR of 90+. Kapil had a strike rate of 102 in 80's.
  7. Mark greatbatch too missed this exclusive list. He had a strike rate of 72 as an opener though in 1992 WC he scored 313 runs with a strike rate of 87.5
  8. It is a well known fact, during 1996 WC, Jayasuriya-Kaluwitharana duo revolutionised ODI opening with their aggressive scoring in first 15 overs. It became the norm since and they are credited as the pioneers of modern ODI opening model. Fact Check Highest Strike Rates for opening batsmen until 1996 ( minimum cut off - 10 innings, 75 strike Rate) Only 3 batsmen qualified Saeed Anwar 69 innings, 37 avg at 77 SR Sanath Jayasuriya 40 innings, 28 avg at 78 SR Sachin Tendulkar 32 innings, 48 avg at 94 SR Thoughts? Via CricketWeb
  9. 13 is decent in super over and two catches were dropped of him. He bowled good today and Yes he should be preferred for super overs.
  10. Kohli is better than Viv. Infact sachin,ponting,Ab devillers, Rohit all are better than Viv. Viv was champion in amateur era, "Andho mein kana Raja ". Much less competition in 70's in Odis. Srilanka was nowhere. South Africa banned (most probably Barry & Graeme Pollock could have matched Viv in Odis). Sachin probably saw the most competitive era of Odis . Viv faced only two good wicket taking odi bowlers Lillee & hadlee. He made most of his runs against ordinary odi bowlers. I would say Nathan bracken was better than any odi bowler viv faced.
  11. Kohli is unquestionably better. Even Sachin was better than viv. Both of them have played in an era where Odi cricket was much more developed. In Viv 's time Odi wasnt even taken seriously.
  12. Starc is minnow basher. Against top teams like India, England & SA (declined after AB) he hasn't done well
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