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  1. 2 doctors whom I know, one from Mumbai and the other a young lady in Delhi were tested positive. The former recovered after a brief stint with fever, the latter being a gastroenterologist is showing no proper signs of recovery even after being home quarantined. It pains me so much to watch/read news about the death of so many young doctors, nurses, ward boys even policemen in their line of duty. They are literally fighting on the frontline & I saw them without proper PPE kits in close proximity dealing with COVID patients. My very own state govt. is not even providing these COVID
  2. Trump is an idiot, imagine being the President of the country which is no.1 in COVID deaths, giving all those stupid statements in the past & now himself being affected from COVID along with the first lady. He could've done a lot more for the COVID victims, who knows how many in 213K who perished would've been still alive. @I6MTW I'm so sorry for your loss
  3. Total 6 members in my family were tested positive last month, including me. My father & uncle were the first who were tested positive as they had fever, cough & cold. I guess it was from their workplace it spread, especially my father's. One colleague of my father passed away due to COVID related illness a few days back & many from his office got admitted in private hospitals where a hefty amount was charged from them. As my grandfather is quite old so we got him admitted in hospital even though he was fine we did not want to take any risk & after a week in hospital he was di
  4. Lotus Sutra is the basis of many different schools of Buddhism & Nichiren is one of those schools. Lotus Sutra is simply not a 4-word mantra which everybody loves to chant for hours, instead it is a very detailed scripture which could be studied. In SGI they do encourage to learn about various teachings of Nichiren & ask their seniors for help in understanding it. Now here comes the fun part- as all those overpriced books, journals are published by SGI itself they have deliberately subverted the scriptures & removed the name of Buddha by distorting it & to confuse naive reade
  5. It isn't their intention but BSG(Indian version of SGI) focusses more on the gullible from middle class or upper middle class. I didn't see people from lower economic strata in the org. as it all boils down to grabbing more money from the members for running its operations all over India & may be abroad as well. Speaking of the perks, there is no particular monetary benefits as such for those who get more members. It signifies that you are working hard, honestly trying to propagate this message of well-being to others & they'll elevate your position to block chief etc. You'll be prai
  6. Here is my ordeal- a few years back during my college days I was going through a tough period academically & in my personal life. So my Bong friend introduced me to SGI by initiating a conversation about CAUSE AND EFFECT, how chanting would help me and bad karma blah blah. I was quite sceptical to join but the guy was relentless as he was my very old friend I had to reluctantly say yes. A complete hierarchical structure is being followed, my friend introduced me to his seniors which again led to those boring half an hour meet ups that how my life will be changed if I put all my heart with
  7. Exactly. Putin's agents poisoned his critic & former officer of KGB in 2006 in UK, Russia's biggest rival in Europe. Russians are mean SOBs. I remember Moscow theater siege in 2002 where the Russians didn't even reveal the composition of the gas to treat victims as well as Russian SFs in the aftermath leading to death of more than 100. They simply need orders from the top to complete the hit job.
  8. I take most of the things which Dr. Swamy says with a pinch of salt. But he does know the art of being in news through considerable amount of followers, also credit to YouTube channel run by a fellow Tamilian guy (or should I say a fan) which @ShoonyaSifar mentioned above. His knowledge on Indian cricket & the power brokerage done in upper echelons is false.
  9. They have highlights of international matches involving India at home since 2014 & they have put hundreds of videos of the both the teams including the pressers + pre & post match interviews. Most of the videos haven't even got a thousand views. Why they just can't put up a 10-15 min videos of a LOI or day of play in a test match?
  10. Even in their own platform it hasn't been done neatly in my opinion. They have footage of all international matches of last few years held in India but it takes a bit of an effort to access them.
  11. A rare gem in the middle order who used to give it all for the team. A gun fielder & could be used in different kind of situations. With his limitations still proved to be a vital cog in our batting order & made us win so many matches in crunch situations. Can't be forgotten for his contribution in 2011 WC & 2013 CT. Happy retirement to Raina ji.
  12. What a champ. The one who ended the drought of silverware for India after an agonizing 24 years, an asset to have in limited overs format as a wicketkeeper, captain & a finisher. Took team India to the next level & made a force to reckon with. Stamped his authority everywhere & got us WC's in ODI & T20 format, Champions Trophy, Asia Cups, test no.1 etc. Used to envy other team's WK batsmen when they had Gilchrist, Boucher, Kaluwitharana while we didn't had a proper WK batsman for a long time & then he arrived at the scene, changed everything with his amazing skills. Th
  13. For making India as a cricketing powerhouse purely in terms of performance on the field in all 3 formats, what drastic steps should be taken from top to bottom? Are you in favor of govt. exercising full control over BCCI? How you see India's upcoming future in sporting events on world stage? Climbing up the ladder consistently with more medals or just a spurt every now & then? Your take on joblessness/unemployment currently & post COVID period? Will India use this situation to present itself on world stage or let the opportunity squander? How you adjusted in US after life in I
  14. So true, team selection was absolutely spot on which made the key difference. Reminded me of the horror chase of ours at Birmingham in 2018. This is how you stuck it out there in the middle against the swinging ball during a chase. Never liked that self entitled, arrogant piece of crap.
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