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  1. Both 2016 WT20 & 2017 CT were massive disappointments for me, we should've won these tournaments. The no-balls bowled really cost us. That mid match interview of Rahane on Mumbai's absolute belter of a track was a shocker.
  2. Being a reliable catcher for your team should be paramount than being super agile on the field saving couple of runs. Not ignoring the value of saving runs but someone like a Kuldeep Yadav won't be as quick than his other colleague but definitely he could work a lot on his catching skills. In such times of YoYo, Warnie & D. Lehmann would have been ostracized had they played today but they were such magnificent catchers. I'm not comfortable with players being penalized for catches dropped. Nobody wants to drop catches and want their team to bear the brunt. This is where fielding coach
  3. YoYo and catching are separate issues. I really don't understand why BCCI persists with Sridhar, every time we tour our fielders have been dropping more than dozen & a half catches every time.
  4. After reaching the 90s mark he did start playing slowly dealing only in singles.
  5. It isn't all hunky dory in our bowling department but things will improve when Shami & Jadeja return. Fitness issues have also affected Bumrah in recent times . Lets see how things go when all of them return afresh & play together. Coming back to our top-3, it is the rigidity at the top to go all guns blazing on super flat tracks where it all becomes evident. Dew factor does come into play but what if in a few venues the dew isn't the issue & the pitch still behaves well for batting in both the innings like we have seen in many matches. What is stopping the senior trio
  6. 600+ wickets & still going strong as a pacer. He is an absolute legend & his control over the ball is second to none.
  7. After thrashing us in the 1st test, England had an opportunity to again give us a shellacking in 3rd test after they dismissed us for 145 but missed the trick in their 2nd innings thanks to Ash & Axar. Also our batsmen except Rohit haven't been upto the mark & literally throwing away any advantage to put the Poms completely out of the game. Look at the shot selection & this is only the 2nd day.
  8. This is shameful stuff, Indians have turned them to Murali & Warne. Thrown away the advantage which we got yesterday.
  9. Imagine what Sidhu, Azhar, peak Sachin could have done to bowlers like Leach & Bess? Even they had their off days by falling against Robertson, Adam Dale but they were nowhere this susceptible against spin.
  10. Not even added 20 runs on the board & lost 3 crucial wickets today. Criminal negligence.
  11. Just like horses for courses is implemented in bowling department, why not follow it in batting as well?! Him wasting a crucial spot isn't helping the team either.
  12. Rahane getting out to a straighter one , same story again. Won't move his feet, won't use the crease - he is as clueless in India like a batsman of the visiting side albeit they arrive once in four years.
  13. Mumbai batsmen were well known for their tight defence. Unfortunately can't be said the same for the current duo from Mumbai, one gets out softly most of the times & the other finds out innovative ways to throw his wicket. Btw that over from Anderson was top class & nothing could have saved Rahane.
  14. The seniors should handle more responsibility especially in batting instead we are watching towards Pant, Sundar, Gill for doing bulk of the job. Yes there were few unlucky dismissals for us in the first innings but except Pujara none of the senior stood up. The English side have been more than competitive in last couple of tours despite whatever final scoreline of the past suggests. They know the significance of putting up huge runs early on the board & they have a potent bowling line up as well. Poor captaincy on the field was quite evident & there were weird tactics by Kohli on th
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