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  1. For making India as a cricketing powerhouse purely in terms of performance on the field in all 3 formats, what drastic steps should be taken from top to bottom? Are you in favor of govt. exercising full control over BCCI? How you see India's upcoming future in sporting events on world stage? Climbing up the ladder consistently with more medals or just a spurt every now & then? Your take on joblessness/unemployment currently & post COVID period? Will India use this situation to present itself on world stage or let the opportunity squander? How you adjusted in US after life in India? Do you regularly visit India, things you like/dislike about India when you visit? Tell us about all those experiences.
  2. So true, team selection was absolutely spot on which made the key difference. Reminded me of the horror chase of ours at Birmingham in 2018. This is how you stuck it out there in the middle against the swinging ball during a chase. Never liked that self entitled, arrogant piece of crap.
  3. Not only the young MSD very strong, but extremely agile & whatever job he was asked to do by the TM most of the times he did very well. It was a treat to watch him in 2005 & 2006.
  4. Its full time entertainment in lockdown to watch ex-cricketers from Pak attack each other on controversial issues of the past. Damn, padosi sports journalists who have also opened their YT channels are milking these topics to the fullest.
  5. The Chinese have completely dominated video broadcasting apps in recent years. Not only these apps steal data of the users, in some of these apps you'll find prostitution rings being active in the midnight. Their support team is completely undermanned & they simply don't care. Adding to that you won't find pages or accounts related to Tibet/Dalai Lama/Taiwan etc. but find a hell lot of pages running propaganda about Khalistan, Kashmir etc.
  6. That's true. This is what exactly happened to few people with whom I worked a few years back who were dissatisfied with their professional life or as the OP mentioned finding a passion. This constant dilemma of frustration, dissatisfaction & not making it quickly makes them impulsive in matters related to career. Some of them are still struggling to make ends meet. It's not like they were lazy or foolish but on the contrary I found them pretty good workers in their field. 'Neither this nor that' situation worsened their present scenario. I wish those chaps prioritized getting food for their families on the table first than finding a passion.
  7. In WWF , IMO attitude era was the best. Interesting plots , very good story lines & the viewers went on with it. Stone Cold & The Rock were just awesome, attracted huge crowd, terrific with the mic & inside the ring it looked as if they were gonna kill each other. Nothing comes close to those days.
  8. Ajinkya showed a great display of batsmanship to counter the angle created by Wagner.
  9. Thank you Jaddu. Finally. What a stunner.
  10. They are playing so freely & Shami is giving them enough room to drive. Partnership of these two above 50 now.
  11. Shami using the bouncer well but somehow these Kiwis riding their luck.
  12. BC Indian bowlers struggling to clean up the tail is a damn mental torture.
  13. 200 up for NZ, come on guys break this partnership. They are trailing by only 33 now.. So many boundaries in quick succession, we can't afford that.
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