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  1. James Anderson has dismissed Shan Masood in all 6 times they faced each other.
  2. According to Gulf News, Chennai Super Kings is expected to reach at UAE on the second week of August to get ready for the IPL after a long break from cricket action due to COVID.
  3. Men's T20 World Cup 2020 is officially postponed due to ongoing COVID-19.
  4. Nalla iruken bro.. stay safe !
  5. ICC is meeting on Monday.. Most likely to announce the cancellation of T20WC in Aus.. If so, IPL2020 will happen in UAE between September to early November BCCI Training Camp will happen in UAE before that This is an update from BCCI Apex Council Mtg
  6. Toss at 4.30 pm IST, Start of play at 5 pm IST and Lunch at 5.30 pm IST
  7. England 1st innings - lost their last five wickets for 50 runs 2nd innings - lost their last seven wickets for 64 runs
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