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  1. The bowlers need to stay away from the likes of Zaheer Khan who keeps propagating Indian bodies are not made for fast bowling.
  2. Dhoni doing what Dhoni does best, Score a couple of 6s when the match is lost to increase his SR and remain not out and his supporters can claim how he needed more support to win the match.
  3. CSK oldies need a slow and low turner otherwise they are hopeless.
  4. They are over doing the fake noise bit.
  5. They are over doing the fake crowd sound. Way too loud.
  6. Kohli is being treated as being above the game and is wielding far too much power to the detriment of Indian Cricket. Unless this changes expect us to win no major trophies.
  7. So now the likes of pant and saini will be dropped for not performing while jhadhav and shameful will be back.
  8. Bhatia looked more keen on getting off the field than keep batting.
  9. Wow so even the selectors are appointed on Kohli's wish now, this is unprecedented and fall of Indian cricket team will continue.
  10. No. Has been a passenger for a long time now and only scores soft runs.
  11. They didnt change the fielding coach even when we were dropping catches every innings. So unlikely that will happen. Pant will the scapegoat, poor guy has been messed with mentally and is made to play when the conditions are tough while saha gets to play in home conditions.
  12. Crazy how they are able to manipulate the public sentiment. We have seen Dhoni master this art, he milked 2011 world cup finals for almost a decade.
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