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  1. Kaptaan's buddy like Dhawan.
  2. Chahal can't be kicked out, he entertains the kaptaan and his wife with his antics.
  3. This guy seems to be far too full of himself without really backing it up with performance and less said about his catching ability the better.
  4. Indian team wont win anything with this bowling line up, shardul and sunder selected because they can bat and then their is hardik Pandya which leaves Bhuvi who doesn't pick any wickets and the mental midget chahal.
  5. We won't win anything with this bowling lineup.
  6. He should just concentrate in his game rather than trying to be be woke along with it at the behest of his wife.
  7. That's obviously friendly banter. Siraj is a typical Hyderabadi.
  8. One thing we now know for sure is all the whimsical team selections were purely Kohli and had nothing to do with Bewda.
  9. I really hope Kohli is asked to step down as captain, wont happen but one can hope.
  10. 36 All out, more than half the squad injured and pull off one of the greatest wins ever. Hard not to think this would never have happened under Kohli. He would never let guys like Pant and Gill develop.
  11. No words to describe this. Great victory for the Indian Team.
  12. Thakur is absolutely useless, should be no where near the Indian Team in any format. Had read somewhere he is dating a powerful bjp politicos daughter, maybe the only reason he keeps getting picked.
  13. The more we see Siraj bowl the more we understand why the TM prefers Umesh.
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