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  1. One seriously needs to look at which agency represents Rahana and Pujara and its association with Gavaskar.
  2. Sri Lanka is missing 8 first choice players.
  3. Saini bowling gentle medium pace in his second spell.
  4. Unfortunately we are stuck with Pujara and Rahane atleast untill th end of the England series and ROhit is just hit and miss outside India.
  5. Bumrah needs to know he isnt indisposible, drop him for a couple of games.
  6. Jadeja was absolutely unnecessary and useless in this match. Kohli and this stubborn thick head didnt change the 11 despite the 2st day getting rained out.
  7. Not sure why this doesnt get enough attention but terrible team selection costs the tam again. Playing 2 spinners in these conditions is just criminal and we might have to endure this till moron remains the captain.
  8. So did KKR screw the whole IPL?
  9. A lot of very aggressive batsmen suddenly want to play like Dhoni and end up losing games for their team just like Dhoni did the last 3 years of his career. Doesnt augur well for the Indian Team. Maybe they feel its an easier way to keep their place safe in the team, score slow all the way through then score a couple of boundaries in the end to bring up their Sr but the team loses. Discuss.
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