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  1. Heart breaking stuff this! At 107-2 it looked like J&K had put one foot in the semis but a collapse has ensured that our dream run is about to end.It was fun while it lasted.This has been a terrific effort from the whole team. Hoping against hope that something miraculous happens tomorrow.Another quick fire century from Samad would do just good.
  2. I don't think that the teams from group C have performed poorly in the QF's.It is the plate group which is the problem. Ideally the best team from the plate group should just advance to group C.By doing that,it allows 6 teams from group A&B to go through. Goa Vs Gujrat is farce. Odisha Vs Bengal has been good so far.Bengal really had to play well in that match. Lastly J&K is in a good position against the mighty Karnataka. Karnataka might still qualify but the fact that they are in this situation tells you about the growth of group C teams.J&K and Odisha have qualified ah
  3. Guys like Qamran,Mujtaba,Samad all have been playing together since U14,U16,U19.All of them are around 20.
  4. His stats at the U19 level are incredible,performed much better than Divyansh Saxena. Unfortunately for him he failed in the U19 Tri series that happened in England last year.Other than that series,he did really well against Afg U19,SA U19.
  5. https://m.crictracker.com/crictracker-exclusive-irfan-pathan-helped-me-develop-in-swinger-from-scratch-says-jk-pacer-mujtaba-yousuf/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Great read this. https://www.hotstar.com/in/sports/cricket/syed-mushtaq-ali-trophy-2019/jammu-and-kashmir-vs-andhra-m188295/match-clips/jammu-and-kashmir-vs-andhra/2001755233 Not able to find a short clip of his bowling due to low speed internet here in Kashmir but here's the match in which he is bowling in the 1st innings.
  6. Yeah that is his age on paper.Sorry to disappoint you but his real age is 20. Still is a good prospect. Age fudging is a huge problem in J&K.We have already lost Rasikh Salaam for the very same reason.
  7. Qamran Iqbal's situation is an enigma. As far as I know during Vijay Hazare trophy Irfan Pathan wasn't happy with Qamran Iqbal.He thought he wasn't giving his 100% and wasn't a team player thus sidelines him since then.Senior players from J&K team asked Qamran to apologize to Irfan but Qamran refused to apologize and said that he had not done anything wrong. Since then JKCA has unofficially banned Qamran Iqbal for an indefinite time. Such a waste of talent! I rate Qamran more than Samad.Qamran had a decent VH tournament.
  8. Only reason I can think of is that they already have 5 genuine bowling options. He should obviously bowl more as he is definitely more than a part timer.Can bowl googly as well and is quick through air.Has taken wickets whenever he has been called up to bowl. Also imo he should be in the XI of SRH ahead of Virat Singh and Priyam Garg.
  9. As I am from Kashmir, I am really excited to see our team in QF's and there are some quality players from J&K. Look out for Abdul Samad,Mujtaba Yousuf and Abid Mushtaq. It's very unfortunate for us that our best upcoming batting (Qamran Iqbal) and bowling talent (Rasikh Salaam) are not available. Mujtaba is a young left arm quick who bowls in the early 130's and just took 6-49 against Haryana on his debut.Abid Mushtaq is a power hitter coming down the order and is a decent left arm orthodox spinner. But the most special talent is Abdul Samad.Seniors like Parvez Rasool,U
  10. Is he the same guy who bowls left arm orthodox? If he is the same guy then yeah from what I have seen of him he looks a really good prospect. India right now are blessed with good young spinners but this batch doesn't have the quality in the pace department.
  11. Isn't he eligible to play in the upcoming U19 WC? He looked really good in the challenger trophy and performed much better than Bishnoi.
  12. There's one very good left arm seamer from Rajasthan who will be playing in the Asia cup.Apart from him there was one leg spinner from Vidharbha who had topped the charts in both 4 Day tournament and Vinoo Mankad trophy, that guy is nowhere to be seen. The two IPL guys aren't there as well.Prabhas Ray is a decent leg spinner and other one was Rasikh who got banned. Apart from Garg,look out for Tilak Verma that guy is a run machine but needs to work on his strike rate just like Jaiswal.
  13. Didn't meant to say that. Obviously Pant was a way better batsman than Qamran or for that matter any other batsman that is present in this U19 team. I meant that when he will get going he will win you matches single handedly.
  14. Qamran has been woefully out of touch on this tour.It's for the very first time that he has not scored big runs in 3 consecutive matches but when he will click he will smash a 100 in 70 odd balls.He is sort of like Pant but right handed.
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