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  1. Pak PM doesnt look like a fool without a teleprompter.
  2. Lol and people were having goose bumps saying Aussies have become decent under Cummins
  3. So does every guy who talk anything negative about Pakistan.
  4. https://swagcricket.com/i-spent-the-whole-summer-practising-that-anderson-reveals-special-skill-he-learned-from-mohammad-asif/
  5. What goes around comes around. Now indian fans will understand how Ajmal & Pak team felt cheated by a broadcaster.
  6. They will be able to eat beef in public without fear of getting lynched though
  7. https://www.mensxp.com/social-hits/news/96223-hardik-pandya-munaf-patel-accused-of-raping-woman-after-consuming-drugs.html
  8. https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2020/12/27/11-members-of-pakistani-immigrant-murdered-in-india/ didnt end up very well for these minorites who fell for the India is better for minorities trap.
  9. Crashing is still better than getting shot down and get beaten up by local villagers
  10. Pakistan is fast becoming like India in terms of lynching innocent minorities.
  11. Bumrah action looks shady because of hyper extension but hes not a chucker. Ajmal is right about Harbhajan & Ashwin though. Both are chuckers.
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