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  1. As long as Chuckwin is playing I dont think ICC & BCCI have any guts to ban Hafeez from bowling.
  2. Gayle is super start in IPL but cant buy a run in PSL and international T20. Shows the quality of cricket in IPL. Dale Steyn was right about IPL.
  3. Probably means what Aussies should to do with India aka Symmonds before IPL money shut them all off.
  4. Someone educated like Ganguly should not be trolling like this. Ban the players from league and then invite the CEO to attend final. Expected Ganguly to behave like a professional but he has become like a typical BCCI head.
  5. https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/article/bcci-president-sourav-ganguly-invites-pcb-chairman-ramiz-raja-to-watch-ipl-final-report/823902 Perfect example of bagal may churi meh main ram ram
  6. Current situation in Pakistan is due to fighting the stupid war on terror by USA. How is it karma for 26/11 attack which had no Pakistan connection? Dont believe any of Qasab and any narrative from Indian POV.
  7. Wish we had DRS in Jay Prakash Kumble 10 fer day light robbery match as well.
  8. Shardul is Faheem Ashraf or Razzak category all rounder who wont make into team with one skill only. Bits n pieces kind of allrounder. Hasan Ali is a bowler who has improved his batting. He has won ICC trophy and test matches due to his bowling alone.
  9. Taliban taking over in Afghanistan so lets stop playing cricket in Pakistan. Great Lahori logic. According to same logic Pakistan should not tour NZ whenever there is a brush fire in Aussie deserts.
  10. Credit goes to Imran Khan & Pak army for improving security situation in the country.
  11. After the Abhinandan embarrassment I dont think India will ever go that route again. Once bitten twice shy.
  12. More entertaining than the worthless savior of test cricket WTC final
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