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  1. More entertaining than the worthless savior of test cricket WTC final
  2. Aussies now have no excuse not to tour Pakistan. Their cricketers are not safe in their country. They cant use the security excuse anymore.
  3. Alot of people who were making fun of PSL suspension and inability to maintain bubble are also missing. Moral of the story. Never laugh at other misery. Karma spares no one.
  4. Current conditions in India is not considered worst case scenario according to BCCI
  5. Indian fans were making of PSL when some international players left. Karma hit them hard now.
  6. Selfish batting can go a long way, just ask Sachin. Babar is a superior version of Sachin Tendulkar. Babar is breaking all Kohli records without the slogging game of Kohli.
  7. Indians fans are happy about this incident but starts crying when someone do minor joke at their players. The incident in Aus 2008 was funnier too when Symmonds made mockery of Harbhajan I guess.
  8. Sachin 175 on dead asian tracks is best knock but not Fakhar innings Indians love to overrate their players performances in SENA nations but not Pak players knock. I guess the CT 17 Fakhar innings still haunts them
  9. Lets get done with players as well. Third umpires can play the game in DRS room.
  10. I remember in 2006-07 when ICL were recruiting foreign players with huge salaries when even Inzi, Imran Nazir and others went to play despite warnings from ICC & BCCI that they might be banned Hafeez was out of Pak set up and refused to go and said he will work hard and only goal was to make his place in national team. All those ICL Pak made good money and then didnt made back to Pak team. Hafeez good decisions and paying off now.
  11. Indian loss by an innings if there's no weather interruption
  12. Lol more like ICC joke teams of the decade
  13. Babar out performed the so called best batsman Kohli in his first WC last year at the world biggest stage of ODI cricket.
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