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  1. quite a turnaround from the times when Gangs went wooing Greg after 2003 ( whatta mistake that was !! ) to this .... very satisfying.
  2. yo!!! How are you ?? Hope all is well. damn you have a kid now ... sheesh time flies. !!
  3. Last 100 runs or so ... but truly I knew the chase was on after Pujara got out. IMHO it was a tactical mistake on part of Aussies to get him out. If Pujara had not lost his wicket this match was a straightforward draw. The guy does OTT tuk tuk. Yes defense is important in Test Cricket but mindless dead-bat style of play for many many hours can only help take time out of the match and draw it. 4th innings chases are won by scoring runs. PS: you can download the full days play for free at acrossthetasman dot com ( need to create a a/c )
  4. West Indies won 3 series back to back 1984,1988,1992 https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=2;orderby=start;team=4;template=results;type=team;view=series However those Aussie sides were nowhere near as good as the ones we beat.
  5. Here you go (you may have to format it to make it readable): ---------- Thanks, India. Thanks a lot. What else can you say? Thanks for one of the classic series. Thank you for one of the more extraordinary days. When Washington Sundar, a 21-year-old stripling on Test debut, hooks the best Australian fast bowler of his generation for six to give this match and series its final wrench, what other can you say? When an Indian team that was unceremoniously sat on its backside in Adelaide a month ago and gutted by injury since inflicts Australia’s first defeat
  6. aaahh the good ol days .... Thanks for the kind words
  7. ohh well. Hope they turn up Iam aching for a Dhody article.
  8. "By Far and away the greatest Test Cricket Performance by an Indian Cricket Team" Me: "By Far and away the greatest Test Cricket Performance by *ANY* Cricket Team" ... I simply cannot find any other equal to this Epic David vs Goliath" battle.
  9. Saaar !!! Yess nyapaka ide ... are you in touch with Dhondy ? Hope all is well. Sheesh its been many many years.
  10. I would rate this higher as its in their backyard and the bowling attack of Cummins,Haze,Starc,Lyon is pretty darn good. Asian teams just do not win at Gabba with full strength let alone with soo many handicaps. Its like a freakin bollywood movie script.
  11. Yesss !!! So i ran out of my poison and had to break open a special holiday corporate gift that had some booze ... need to do some explaining later lol
  12. namaskaara saar ... ninne ratri full yenne haaki sakat enjoy madde ... weekend nally matte innondu rerrun ide ... bloody one helluva win that needs celebrating bigtime
  13. Man I can't get enough of watching the young guys play like total badass punks this is sooo frikkin awesome lol
  14. Without a shadow of doubt .... I mean just in case there was any doubt we played with 10 man teams for 2 tests. I cannot recall any other team that has achieved anything remotely close in world cricket under such circumstances. By far the best day for Indian Cricket Fans alongside 1983. The winviz had us at 1% chane of winning at lunch lol
  15. khotay !!! How are you? Hope all if well . Yesss one get together for old times sakes mangta hai
  16. Hello Everybody been a while since I was here. Just wanted to say that in my many many decades of following Test Cricket ... I dont think there is a equal to this series given the unique circumstances and scenarios. The ultimate David vs Goliath contest. Ultimately Indian Cricket team stood out like Rocky Balboa taking blow after blow for an entire month and emerged winner 5 minutes to the whistle !! Epic. What do you guys think ?
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