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  1. It was a beauty by Moeen to Rohit, let's have it right. And now he's got QdK walking back.
  2. Moeen gets a wicket FIRST BALL!! The Bengaluru fight back has begun.
  3. Glad to have got rid of him lol - this game looks like being done and dusted pretty quickly.
  4. De Kock looking in good nick shouldn't be troubled by RCB trundlers lol
  5. Yes, the run out of ABdV cost 20 runs probably to the final score 171 may not be enough.
  6. Oh yeah I forgot there are TWO of them! Time to revisit the IGNORE function.
  7. RCB getting themselves into a decent position with AB seeing off Chahar. Think they need 170+ score to make it competitive?
  8. It's fine, I understand perfectly. Now let's enjoy the game.
  9. Found the IGNORE feature anyway so we can all have a bit of peace. Whatever he writes or quotes from now on I can't read.
  10. But that's just it. I'm not the one who is spitting feathers, it's you. Typical troll behaviour. We're happy to play along with you so long as you accept we're all laughing at how incredibly dull, and boring you are. Have a beer and calm down Doris
  11. Hope he does stay. He's got to be the GLUE in this RCB innings.
  12. You really are obsessed with it aren't you get well soon Doris
  13. I don't know why you even bother replying to the twat. What he knows about cricket you could fit on a postage stamp.
  14. I'm not laughing at the injury (if true), I just have a feeling it is convenient as his bowling was bashed last game.
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