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  1. Just like you stepped out/ walked down the pitch in 1st test against Aus in AUS and got your a*se served on a plate by Lyon
  2. Just wondering, Is there a distinct possibility of Thala going unsold at an auction or maybe IPL closing its dukaan before that?
  3. Thala's PR back in game after hibernation
  4. Why Cricbuzz's live commentary is highlighting 130Kph deliveries from Thakur and Chahar? IPL abhi dur hai
  5. Why settle the greatest of the great, Majid Bhai with a petty title- Gods of Olympus, he should be honored with the title befitting his stature- 'The TITAN'.
  6. Shami bhai might not be a good T20 bowler, still I believe resurrected Texter is an all weather, hit the deck kind of bowler who is good for most conditions/pitches. Others like Bhuvi, Nehraji may come short in certain conditions. Peak RP is also fine.
  7. e saala! What is happening to these bruddas today?
  8. You can get one unit of alcohol once a week, if u are an NRI tourist or atleast that's what I got when I visited Ahmedabad early this year. Also there are more than 10 hotels selling permit liquors these days, though be ready to pay hefty prices for your favorite brands.
  9. As per state's 'daaru' rules, any non-gujju resident can get a batli by showing their Photo-ID having out-state address.
  10. Poyyzz need a good 'teacher' just like this guy
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