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  1. Just like you stepped out/ walked down the pitch in 1st test against Aus in AUS and got your a*se served on a plate by Lyon
  2. Just wondering, Is there a distinct possibility of Thala going unsold at an auction or maybe IPL closing its dukaan before that?
  3. Thala's PR back in game after hibernation
  4. Why Cricbuzz's live commentary is highlighting 130Kph deliveries from Thakur and Chahar? IPL abhi dur hai
  5. Why settle the greatest of the great, Majid Bhai with a petty title- Gods of Olympus, he should be honored with the title befitting his stature- 'The TITAN'.
  6. Shami bhai might not be a good T20 bowler, still I believe resurrected Texter is an all weather, hit the deck kind of bowler who is good for most conditions/pitches. Others like Bhuvi, Nehraji may come short in certain conditions. Peak RP is also fine.
  7. e saala! What is happening to these bruddas today?
  8. Never have I once mentioned an innocent to suffer for crimes he/she didn't commit nor it is 'just' for police to go on encounter spree. It is quite obvious that judiciary is, at this point, incapable of safeguarding lives of victims, hence the public outrage. I agree there needs to be a balance but judges shouldn't be giving bails to these sickos, who happended to kill the poor victim. We are no experts in lawmaking but judges are and everyone must be accountable, even judges. Onus is on them to carry out justice in a manner that doesn't create more troubles for victim and their
  9. Bhai, no one agrees that an innocent getting hanged as a collateral damage to instill fear among psychopaths is fine, but we must also consider that because of this messed up judiciary, rapes are a common sight in our country. While we may give our opinions, every moment suffered by victims post such sick crime is like hell for them knowing that those retards are either out on bail or being given some petty sentence. If judiciary is all about safeguarding the rights of innocent, then what about the rights of victims, who are probably forever scarred for life?
  10. Public is not rejoicing over the killing of those sick bustards, rather their patience have worn out with judiciary, where courts take years to give justice to victims and ultimately the accused/convict get some paltry 4-7 years jail term, and after being released they will be back to their old ways as most of them are homeless and find jail life to be better as it will keep their belly full Such is the *** up state of judicial affairs in our country that we are happy over a encounter, despite knowing for the fact that it was staged. Rather than fellow few cursing the police, its
  11. You can get one unit of alcohol once a week, if u are an NRI tourist or atleast that's what I got when I visited Ahmedabad early this year. Also there are more than 10 hotels selling permit liquors these days, though be ready to pay hefty prices for your favorite brands.
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