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  1. A draw here for Aussies should feel like a loss for them. Pitch is starting to stay low could be trouble when Pakistan bats. But slow run-rate is killing their hope....
  2. The missile was travelling at less than 3 Mach speed for it reach the target at 6 minutes. Must be a faulty dummy test. A prototype of earlier version. The current version of Brahmos 2 has a speed of Mach 8, forget about shooting it down (as their ISPR claimed) they don't even have the capability to track it in Radar sensor.
  3. nikrulz

    India abstains

    Russia adopts China's UnionPay amidst VISA/Mastercard ban. Well played Sleepy Joe. Petro-dollar will no longer be the preferred currency in coming years.... India has already made a smart move with switching over to UPI (Financial revolution imo) and compulsory implementation of RuPay as first choice over VISA in State banks/PSU's. Need to get off the SWIFT system as trigger happy West cannot be relied upon.
  4. I just put him on Mute whenever he is ON and avoid all his takes/interviews to avoid feeling second hand Embarrassment. He was my introduction to this beautiful game back in 79'. All of us Huddled up at my neighbors house (Only TV in our vicinity) and my dad holding a Murphy radio which transmitted 10 seconds early data as compared to the visuals. Batting like a wall that day with a majestic double century innings to hold off the legendary West Indian bowling attack. That's the legacy I want to remember him by...
  5. nikrulz

    India abstains

    Vendetta in play... UAE added to FATF Grey List Pakistan GSP+ status with EU under revoke consideration. India might escape CAATSA sanctions and that is only because USA needs us to fend off the Dragon in the Indo-pacific region. Saudi Prince just gave an F'U to Biden. World order is changing....will be interesting to see how post war geo-politics develop.
  6. nikrulz

    India abstains

    What we already know...
  7. nikrulz

    India abstains

    Two Nuclear Powers would never venture into a full scale war for the outcome is obvious. Small scale skirmishes are a possibility but that balances the scale when you have a ready defense supplier on your side (Russia and Israel). In 1994 under the assurance of US & West... Ukraine decided to go with Non-Proliferation Nuclear Treaty. If they had armed themselves back then, would Russia dare invade them? West/US gave them false assurances knowing the outcome.
  8. nikrulz

    India abstains

    Russia is the only country to have signed the Special treaty on the same lines of Indo-Soviet pact of the 60's. They have the leash and diplomacy to contain China and bring them to the table like they did after the Galwan valley incident (Mediator role). Faced with similar situation USA will only do Kadi ninda from the sides.... they will not intervene for India nor the West nor the EU. Russia is our Tried and trusted benefactor. We still owe them big for 71' when the entire world put a bounty on us. - The US sent the most largest Aircraft Carrier (USS Enterprise) ever
  9. Sad. R.I.P Listening to this on loop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ_UkMJHEAk&ab_channel=SaregamaMusic
  10. He was forced to take up this position by BCCI (If I am remembering correct?). He wanted to continue as the NCA head.
  11. Good decision! Hopefully he gets back his good ol' batting form....
  12. 2001 was beating THE Invincibles. Greatest Australian team ever. 2005 did more for the game of Cricket. I remember Alex Ferguson, Rafa benitez and other famous Football coaches, Celebrities etc discussing the series with vivid interest. This was perhaps the first time Cricket as a sport gained so much International Fame. It was everywhere...
  13. Asia Cup Nidahas Trophy That's 100% Cup win rate for him. If anything we are too late in changing the guard.
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